Best beard styles 2016. The 9 Best Razors for a Perfect Shave in 2022

Like getting a haircut, shaving isn't a one-size-fits-all process, but having the right tools—namely a good razor— can make the job a whole lot easier. There are loads of razor options for all kinds of skin types and grooming styles, and they're available at a wide range of price points, too. Considering that shaving is a daily activity for many people, it's definitely worth giving some serious thought to your razor choice before you buy. Beard styles for men with short hair.

These days, you have a choice of everything from old-school straight razors and traditional safety razors to electric razors with special attachments and features. Read on for our recommendations, plus a few things to consider before you shop.

The Best Razors

What to Consider

There are a lot of razors on the market, and deciding on the right one for you will depend on how you like to shave, your hair's thickness and how fast it grows, and how sensitive your skin is, plus the style of facial or body hair you prefer. Here's an overview of the essentials you need to know.

Latest beard styles

Razor Type

Straight razors and some safety razors have retro charm and are good for a close shave, but there's a learning curve if you've never used one before. Cartridge razors are an easy-to-use alternative that provide a smooth, comfortable shave with multiple blades—typically between three and five—on the head. Electric razors are good for trimming beards and for a quick shave to clean up stubble.

Hair and Skin Type

If you're combating thick and coarse hair or need more coverage, an electric razor and trimmer will be less tedious and quicker than going at it with a single-blade manual razor, and some electric razors come with attachments to help you maintain your style. That said, there are also some multi-blade cartridge razors out there that'll get the job done nearly as efficiently, and we've covered a few of those below. For those with thinner facial hair or hair that grows only in spots, any single- or multi-blade razors will likely do; however, if you have sensitive or dry skin, look for features like lubrication strips and pivoting heads to cut down on nicks.

Top 10 facial hair styles

Shaving Frequency

How frequently you shave will depend on how quickly your hair grows and the style you like to keep. Maintaining intentional stubble requires a lot less time than staying clean-shaven for someone who gets a 5 o’clock shadow every afternoon. If you’re looking to maintain some hair growth on your face or body and aren’t shaving daily, an electric razor with guard attachments will be your best bet. If you’re a daily shaver, a straight or cartridge razor will suit your needs better.

How We Selected

To determine the best razors on the market, we first considered razor users' various shaving needs, from fully removing leg, underarm, or facial hair to maintaining a well-groomed beard. The razors you'll find below include a variety of blade types, attachments, and finishes, and range in price from budget-friendly models to higher-end ones. All of our picks are customer favorites, as well, with each boasting an average user rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

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