Mens face style. 32 Best Clogs of 2022 to Wear All Year Long, Vogue

Can you hear what I hear? Pair by pair, the best clogs are coming out of hiding. They’re clomping down staircases and city streets, edging toward café tills, and moving across gallery floors. A pair of clogs in motion has always been a beautiful sound, but never as much as after this sad and silent year. Beard style ideas.

When we went into lockdown, I could not justify wearing any of my most beloved shoes. It seemed wrong, like opening your finest bottle of Champagne when you are home alone. As the creator of the Instagram account @thecloglife, I have come to see clogs as not just comfortable and practical but celebratory. Clogs signify a life where one does as one wants and submits to the will of nobody else—corporate uniform and male gaze be damned! Leave it to the other shoes to double as torture devices and go in and out of fashion. Clogs are the heavy hitters of my heart (and feet).

They’re also unfailingly cool. Ask Michelle Williams or Alexa Chung, who both have long been turning to the wood-soled slip-ons to channel off-duty cool. Even Sarah Jessica Parker—whose eponymous shoe company peddles rainbow-colored skyscraper-high heels that belong in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet—is a devout #cloglifer. High fashion has recently come around. Chanel and Chloé and Bottega Veneta are all getting in on the act with luxe versions. Looking at the most recent Fall 2022 collections, Ulla Johnson, Jacquemus, and Autumn Adeigbo all styled their pieces with clogs.

Dating back to the 13th century, the clog has appeared as a wooden flip-flop in feudal Japan and on the feet of 19th-century Dutch farmers. They came back into fashion in the ’60s, when fans adopted them to signal a cute bohemian bent. While officially defined as a shoe with a wooden sole, the category has become more flexible, much like a rubbery Croc. If a space-age bubble shoe or sandal that click-clacks is more your speed, go for it. You will still be a card-carrying member of the club. It’s never too late to hop on the clog-wagon.

Here, our guide to the most charming and best clogs on offer.

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Minimalist Clogs

A little can go a long way, especially when it comes to footwear that is hard to ignore. Simple styles from downtown Manhattan stalwarts Rachel Comey and No. 6 are always bold and beautiful.

Maximalist Clogs

Clogs are, by nature, fun and unfussy (and often funny), so don’t be shy if you feel a yen to walk on the wild side. Fabrizio Viti’s flower-embellished version does just that.

Classic Clogs

It’s not just the unofficial shoe of chic moms. Clogs are beloved by nurses, doctors, and chefs, to name a few. These classics from Dansko and Crocs speak to the style’s utilitarian roots.

Designer Clogs

High fashion has detoured into the WFH movement, and no shoe better completes a cashmere jumpsuit or Zoom-perfect loungewear than a pair of couture clogs. Even Saint Laurent and Gucci are in on it.

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Animal Print Clogs

Add to your collection a pair inspired by the animal planet. Sport a pair in a zebra print, like these from Alaïa, for a fall trends double whammy.

Studded Clogs

A twist on tradition: Designers are reinterpreting the staples typically affixed to the sides of clogs as shiny and shimmery studs. Think of them as bling for your cloggy things. We’re loving styles by Khaite and Tory Burch.

Rubber Clogs

Even Bottega Veneta and Prada are getting in on the act, with muck-friendly styles that telegraph a comfort in the country. Even if you aren’t the type to chop your own trees, try these on for size.

Sandal Clogs

Clogs come undone, to beautiful effect, when they shrug off their casing status and take the form of open-toed beauties. A style from Veronica Beard proves that #Cloglife is chic and worthy of a pedicure.

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