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TO lla Venice Film Festival men’s beauty trends also parade. To dictate them are actors and celebrities. Beard and short hair dominate the scene, leaving room for naturalness: with salt-pepper hair and uncultivated beards (in a workmanlike manner). New hair style and beard style.

Venice 2022: natural beauty trend for men

Room for naturalness with regard to i beauty look of actors and models present on the red carpets of the Venice Film Festival 2022.

Loose hair, piercing eyes and perfectly defined beard. The Turkish model Can Yaman and the sex symbol undisputed of the Venice Film Festival. The long brown hair has been styled in natural waves and combed slightly back with the use of plenty of gel. The beard, on the other hand, was left long but perfectly groomed and defined in the cheekbone area.

In perfect contrast is the angelic and almost ethereal beauty of Timothée Chalamet. The actor looks like a painting by Caravaggio on the red carpet of “Bones And All”, where it left everyone breathless. Style icon, the brightest star in the Hollywood industry wore a carmine red outfit with open back as a message of freedom of expression.

Bold and captivating, even as regards the beauty look, the 26-year-old actor walked the runway with a perfectly shaved face of eternal Peter Pan eperfect ringlets.

What beards are in style

Harry Styles and the vintage 60s style

Arrived at the Lido of Venice on Monday 5th September, singer Harry Styles brings the English style of the 60s to the Lagoonpaying homage to Elton John with the large square-shaped sunglasses (signed Gucci) and side parted hair with soft waves.

Directed in the psychological thriller “Don’t Worry Darling”, with Florence Pugh, from his partner Olivia Wilde, the former voice of One Direction is the emblem genderfluid par excellence of the new generation: also thanks to his beauty Pleasing line.

The vintage style – but in an American version – was also taken from Chris Pine who at the age of 42 still sports a Californian surfer look, with blonde hair (bleached by the sun) and a perfectly clean-shaven face.

Gray Hair: the new men’s beauty trend from Venice

Bulwarks of the new trend gray hair they are the very Italians Luca Argentero And Claudio Santamaria but not only.

Short beard with mustache

Also PedroPascal (the Red Viper of the Iron Throne) has embraced the grey hair, which thus become a hair trend even among men.

Gray as the beard, left more or less long, i grey hair, or rather natural, I’m there new “revolutionary” trend of autumn-winter 2022 which also conquers i gentleman. Unkempt or perfectly styled, they recall a vintage style of yesteryear and give a charismatic sensuality to 007.

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