Latest dadhi style. Tips to choose the best beard trimmer for men, Braun UK

Facial hair for modern men is an exciting world with plenty to choose from. Whether you want to sport a wild Viking beard or a neatly groomed short boxed style, each requires great grooming tools. Best beard.

Gone are the days where only a barber could provide you with a shape up – the best beard trimmers today are equipped with a range of attachments and features to make the art of home styling something any man can master.

But with this dizzying range of features, you might be left wondering what you need to look for in a beard trimmer. To help you navigate the world of electric beard trimmers, we’ve put together a guide that will show you what to look out for in your next grooming device.

Braun’s newest male beard trimmers are built to last twice as long as earlier models* and come equipped with lifetime sharp blades so make a great option for styling any facial hair look.

One of the simplest beard styles out there, a stylish stubble beard is the ideal way to trim 3 days’ worth of growth into something that still looks naturally well-groomed.

While this style may be minimal, without the right tools you’ll struggle to get a consistent smart stubble between 1mm and 3mm in length. If you want to know how to style a stubble, our guide recommends this even length.

To keep this rugged look groomed and sharp, the Braun beard trimmer BT3240 is the best tool for the job. This professional beard trimmer is equipped with 39 individual length settings.

Beard and style

To find the right length for you, simply rotate the precision dial. Each setting is 0.5mm apart, so for a stubble look we’d suggest starting on 3mm and then move down one notch if you’d like a slightly shorter facial hair length.

If you’ve outgrown a stubble look and want to know how to shape a beard that takes longer to grow, be ready to have some patience. For a thick and full beard, you can expect hair to grow around half an inch every month. So, if you’re hoping to style a hipster look or Viking beard, it’ll take more than a few days to reach your goals.

But what should you look for in a beard trimmer set for longer beards? As you won’t be shaving this down to your skin’s surface, you’ll want a wide range of attachable combs to customise lengths as you need.

The Braun beard trimmer BT7240 is a great choice for long beards as it comes with an 11-20 mm comb to tackle any unwanted overgrowth and keeps a long beard looking symmetrical and stylish.

If you’re not ready to wait around for a longer beard or think it may not complement your face shape, there are plenty of stripped-back styles to choose from. We’d suggest growing out a short beard should take around 4 to 6 weeks for most men.

Once you’re ready to work that growth into a short beard style, you may be tempted by a low or short boxed beard. Both these looks are all about carefully sculpted edging for symmetrical and striking beard styles.

Different short beard styles

If you’re wondering how to shape a beard of the shorter variety, Braun’s beard trimmer sets have an option with this in mind. We’d recommend the Braun beard trimmer BT3240, with combs for short to medium beards and a Gillette razor included.

The attached beard trimmer head is ideal for contour edging and if you want to give your neck or cheeks a clean shave, the included Fusion 5 ProGlide Razor has Gillette’s latest FlexBall technology, perfect for any hard to reach areas on your neck.

As we all know, no two men are the same and you may want to sport a beard style that doesn’t fit into these categories. A goatee is a classic beard style that’s ideal for men with a square jaw that may be hidden by longer facial hair looks.

To highlight these natural angular features, we’d suggest using an electric beard trimmer like the Braun BT7220. For trimming 10mm beard length as we recommend for this style, the attached combs let you trim with ease.

Its adaptive motor will also adapt to your beard density so if you’re struggling with patchy beard growth, this trimmer will catch hairs that others might miss.

While manual razor heads should be replaced regularly after the blades become dull, cordless beard trimmers don’t suffer from this problem.

Man face shave style

In fact, Braun beard trimmers feature lifetime sharp blades. To ensure they match this lifespan, you should use a blade wash solution after you’re done trimming to maintain your device.

Rinsing thoroughly is also recommended as clogged blades won’t last as long. Some of our beard trimmers such as the BT7220 are fully waterproof so if you like to trim in the shower make sure to look for this feature.
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