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Dyeing a beard may be all it takes to turn it from a plain feature on your face to something radiant and attractive. A good beard tends to accentuate a man’s masculinity and even makes him project a sense of authority. It is no wonder that millions of women across the world swoon over men with nicely done beards. Best beard.

At True, we understand how important it is to keep your beard looking sharp, which is why we avail products such as beard oil for moisturizing and quality beard dye to help put a healthy glow back to your facial hair.

Why should you dye your beard?

Quite a number of men feel uncomfortable at the thought of revealing that they dye their hair. In fact, there are even some people who avoid dyeing their beards because of some imaginary code. The truth is that if you want to look good and possibly get the attention of that lady you have been eyeing, it may be time to rethink your strategy.

As people get older, their hair starts turning gray, but this does not always happen uniformly. That means they end up having patches of gray on their beard, which may end up compromising their appearance. The right beard dye for men is able to switch things up by covering the gray areas and making you have a youthful and radiant look.

There is also the issue of developing uneven hair growth. This means some parts of your face will have a concentration of healthy-looking hair while other parts may be struggling with hair growth. The end result is that your beard looks unbalanced. You will be surprised at how much better your beard would look simply by applying dye in all the right places.

Even if you have thick and healthy-looking facial hair, you may want to break the monotony of wearing the same style every day. Using the best dye for beard may be all it takes to shake things up a little. Remember, beard dyes are available in a variety of colors, making it possible for you to go from one color to another as seamlessly as you may want.

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How can you choose the best beard dye for yourself?

Here are just a few things to watch out for when trying to understand the best dye for yourself.

Look at the ingredients

One of the most important things for you to consider is what the dye is made up of. In most cases, The ingredients are likely to let you know how effective the dye will be when applied to hair. Whether you opt for a natural beard dye or one that is manufactured using chemical ingredients, be sure to understand how the ingredients work on your hair. The best dyes easily blend with the hair around your face to produce a perfect look.

The color

The color of the dye you pick can have a huge impact on your overall style. If you simply want to cover a gray area, go for a dye that matches your hair color. However, if you want to try out different styles, you can choose from the variety of colors available.

The use

The last thing you want is to buy a dye that requires you to spend a significant amount of time mixing things just to get the right blend. Instead, opt for True Sons foam-based hair dye. Experts already blended it to ensure all you have to do is open the bottle and apply according to instructions.

How often do you want to dye your hair?

Another important consideration to make is how often you wish to dye your beard. A small bottle of dye may be ideal for someone that does not dye frequently. However, if you are the type of person who loves dyeing your beard, you might often want to go for a bigger bottle. True Sons bottles typically last three to four applications.

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Thickness and length of beard

The length and thickness of your beard can help you determine the right dye to choose. Obviously, long and thick beards require more, while short beards may do just fine with a fewer amount of dye.


Some dyes are designed to last for an extremely long time, while others can only keep your beard looking good for a couple of days. True Sons dye is a demi-permanent option that gradually fades out the gray. Additionally, it comes off over time, especially if you wash your beard frequently.

Where to get the best beard dye near me?

Find the best beard dye at competitive rates from True We are one of the leading providers of quality beard oil and men’s beard dye. Our foam-based dye can be applied straight from the bottle. Shop our innovative hair dye and enjoy natural-looking results.

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