New beard cut style. How to determine your face shape, without wasting a bunch of time

On the hunt for a fresh new haircut to try this year? Before you decide to take a trip to the barbers, there’s something you should know: your face shape matters. Yep, what works on one gentleman (be it a pompadour, buzz cut, or Caesar cut ) might not work on you. Facial styles 2016.

Now, we know it’s tricky to find out which style will work best for you, but if Brad Pitt can figure out which haircuts work for his face shape, so can you. How? With the help of your quick face shape guide, below.

Your guide to choosing the right men’s haircut for your face shape

You can experiment with a lot of looks with an oval face shape.

Oval faces

An oval face shape is both symmetrical and evenly proportioned, meaning it can suit a variety of hairstyles. And one of our all-time favourite men’s haircuts for an oval face, has to be the timeless short back and sides with some length on top.

Not only will this ‘do help make your face appear slightly more angular, but it’ll also make sure you get through any occasion in style.

This product is perfect for creating undone styles with a matte finish, as your hair won’t look too ‘done’ but extra stylish and on-point, instead.

Chris Hemsworth makes the most out of his oval face shape with a swept-back style. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Other hairstyles you can rock: You can make the most out of your oval face shape with either aswept-back hairstyle, a pompadour or an undercut with a slick comb over.

Man beard style 2016

What to avoid: Keep in mind that a fringe will cover up your forehead and make your face appear rounder.

Brad Pitt should be your hair god.

Square faces

A square face is typically seen as very masculine due to it’s dominating features, such as a striking, angled jawline. This means that, like the oval face shape, it’s perfectly compatible with a variety of men’s hairstyles, from no-fuss buzz cuts to softer, more modern quiffs.

However, if we had to recommend a fail-safe hairstyle for a square face shape, we’d probably go with a military-inspired high and tight fade, because really, who doesn’t want to look like a solider?

Will you be joining the crew with this cut? Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Other hairstyles you can rock: You can also experiment with a textured comb over, a high fade with a quiff, a crew cut and pretty much any other ‘do that Brad Pitt has pulled off.

What to avoid: Luckily, most hairstyles will look good with a square face shape, but try to avoid styles that stick straight up, as you don’t want to look overly boxy. Instead go for cuts that add softness.

Goatee styles

Turn that round face into a piece of art with a side-part.

Round faces

For circular faces, look for a hairstyle that will help add definition and structure, like a pompadour or a quiff. These hair-raising styles will help to elongate your face and make it appear longer than it is!

Turn that round face into a piece of art by getting side-part. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Other hairstyles you can rock: Give your round face some extra definition either with a classic side-part or a daring bald fade with a sharp, slicked-back quiff.

What to avoid: A hairstyle that isn’t taller at the top, as it will not help balance out your unique round features.

Here’s how to make the most of your face shape!

Rectangular faces

The key to choosing the perfect hairstyle for a rectangular face (AKA a long face shape), is to ensure that you don’t make the face look any longer than it is. To do this, you need to opt for an evenly proportioned style, where the sides and top are of equal length, like a modern Caesar cut.

Is facial hair in style

With it’s tightly cut sides and blunt fringe, this look is one that can be worn by almost anyone, no matter if you have straight, curly, or even wavy hair.

There’s nothing wrong with being long! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Other hairstyles you can rock: You really can’t go wrong with trying out a French crop, a side-swept crew cut or even an edgy, spiky hairstyle.

What to avoid: Be careful with pairing your look with a long beard, as that could make your face look even longer than it already is. Just look at Adam Levine’s mane and beard combo, for example, and you’ll be good to go.
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