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No, it’s on RBG. She could’ve retired and given Obama another SCOTUS Justice, but she selfishly continued on Not on the Florida State legislature voters in 2000 whose Courts were able to rig an election for the governor’s brother. Not an issue of Al Gore failing to properly contest the election results across all of Florida and instead only focusing on certain counties. Not on the people who didn’t show up and vote for John Kerry because they didn’t find him likeable enough. Not the people who didn’t show up in those midterms to keep Bush from being able to do anything on his agenda. Not on the people who didn’t show up for the ’10 election that Obama lost so many seats in he was never able to get his agenda through. Not on the people who, again, didn’t show up for his second term midterm, so that he could again not get his agenda through. Nope, elections happen in a vacuum and the only one that led to this was just the 2016 election without any other thing having led to it whatsoever…

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No need. 16 states and the District of Columbia have laws that protect the right to abortion, and I’d expect to see more of them with this decision. Why any woman of childbearing age would choose to live in the handmaiden states that take away their rights is beyond me. I have wondered if this is the intended consequence. Less liberals in conservative states. Because they can’t afford to move, that’s why. This is going to be particularly devastating for poor women. If abortion rights are your litmus test, I hate to tell you that your options are pretty limited. Only 6 other countries allow abortion without restrictions in the 3rd trimester, and as an American, you can’t emigrate to North Korea or Cuba, so really that leaves you with 4 options The GOP is evil. Women are going to die and they don’t care. How pro-life of them! I feel like I’m going to vomit. I’m so terrified. As a Texas woman I already have extremely limited access to abortion. God help us all The supreme court has gone beyond becoming tangled in the political thicket, and has jumped headlong into the religious thicket. The only argument for this reversal (of two previous SCOTUS rulings) is religious.

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