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A boxed beard is a classic style, popular among men with a wide range of personal styles, from plaid-shirt wearing hipsters to neat and tidy business executives. A short boxed beard is the most popular length of a boxed beard. It’s just a little longer than a stubble beard, but not long enough to get unruly, making it a favourite thanks to its versatility and universal appeal. Check out our guide to find out how to get a perfect short boxed beard. Beard style names.

What is a short box beard

A short boxed beard usually features sharp and angular edges with a step-cut, to create what is known as a ‘boxed’ edge, giving this style its name. Rather than stretching down your neck towards your Adam’s apple, a short boxed beard features a cut that stays fairly close to the edge of your jawline. That’s why this shape is perfect for highlighting those striking jaw angles you’re proud of! It doesn’t hide away a sharp chin and jawline the way a longer beard might.

A boxed beard should be an even length all over. For the short version of this style, the length should be around ½ inch, or about 12mm. Most men choose to connect the cheek line from their sideburns to their moustache.

How to achieve a short boxed beard

To achieve the immaculate short boxed beard you’ve been dreaming about, here are the easy steps you can take:

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1. Grow out your facial hair:

In order to get a full and healthy looking covering of hair for your boxed beard, you’ll need to grow out your facial hair to start with. It might be a little annoying and itchy, but the two or three weeks you’ll need to let it grow will all be worth it in the end!

2. Trim your beard:

Before you get started trimming your beard, try to soak it in hot water and use softening products such as beard shampoo and conditioner. Often, the best time to style a beard is just after you get out of the shower. With the hair well hydrated and warm, it will be softer and easier to cut through.

Then, grab a pair of sharp and shiny beard scissors, and get snipping. Follow your desired line between your ear and moustache, dipping it lower if you want a slimmer strap of hair around your jaw, or keeping it higher if you want a fuller covering of hair. When trimming around your neck and jawline, focus on achieving a well defined angle up towards your ear.

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3. Clean up around your beard:

To clean up the areas around your beard and ensure that the length is even, you’ll need some good tools. An electric beard trimmer is always a good choice for shaping and maintaining a beard. You can adjust the setting to the correct length and tah-dah, an easy way to achieve a uniform length all over. Around the edges of your beard, it’s best to use a manual razor, because this will give you the closest, cleanest shave. Pick a razor designed to avoid tugging and pulling, lather up with shaving soap or cream, and make sure those cheeks are clean and tidy.

4. Don’t forget the post-shave routine:

After you’ve finished, you’ll want to keep your brilliant new beard in tip-top shape, and take care of the skin underneath it. That’s why it’s crucial to use a post-shave balm, beard oil, lotion or other post-shave moisturising product, to make sure the hair and your face are both hydrated and healthy. And no, just slapping on some aftershave isn’t enough, a good skin and beard care routine is a necessity!
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