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1. Keep your Neckline Natural

I put this one first since a lot of guys will trim the neckline too close to their jaw giving you more of a chin strap look and not a natural beard look. Your best bet is to let your neckline form about one finger width above your Adam’s apple. It is a good idea to shorten the hairs that approach your bare neck area. Having them shorter there and longer as you go towards the bottom of your chin gives you a dimensioned look while not being too scruffy. How to trim different beard styles.

2. Choose the style of beard you want

Some beard styles require more grooming than others. Be sure of they style you want and trim accordingly. For example, a ‘Ducktail’ Beard will need much more trimming than a ‘Boxed style’ beard. Check out the beard style guide for some ideas.

3. Apply product and Brush or Comb Your Beard First

Wait until you treat your beard before you start trimming. You may have a lot of hairs that look out of place when your beard is dry and without product. After putting in some beard oil or balm, and brushing/combing most of your hairs will be back where they should be. This is the time to trim any unruly hairs or to finely shape it, depending on your beard style. For some ideas on products check out this guide.

4. Get a Decent Pair of Scissors

These are a nice pair since they are a bit shorter than traditional scissors, at only 5″ you can get a much better trim without stabbing your neck.

5. The Trimming

When it comes to the actual trimming, I’m not a fan of using an electric trimmer*. It’s too easy to make a mistake, and there goes weeks (or months for me) of growing in one buzz!

Mens best beard style

Also, if you are growing your beard, then you should only need to shape or trim away unwanted hairs. I think scissors give you much more control, plus if you make a mistake it’s easily covered up, rather than mowing a huge patch! (oh and good scissors are cheap, a good trimmer can get expensive!)

Next, let’s break down the different beard sections.

It’s best to start with the hairs near your neck (where your beard meets your neck), you want to shorten them and gradually let them get longer into your beard body and chin. This will maintain a sharp natural look. You want to avoid making this line too high, since it can make your beard look a little artificial, but at the same time you do not want the hairs to grow too low either because that can start to look scruffy. A good rule of thumb is to start your neckline it about one finger width above your Adam’s apple.

When you’re neckline is established you can use a razor or trimmer to eliminate all the hairs that grow past it.

Best beard style for me

Okay, part of this area can be done with a trimmer too, just to keep those hairs off your lip. You can make a nice neat line on the top of your lip where it meets your skin. The rest of your mustache should be done with scissors, just look for the hairs that are too rebellious to get in line.

You want to start with the chin-line first and, this can be done with a razor or trimmer. Just get rid of all the hairs that are growing too high on your cheek. I use a razor for the hairs that are up high on my face, and just let the rest form a natural line. It does not need to be perfectly straight, that can look a bit manicured and un-grizzly.

Next, you want to start with the hairs that are near your sideburns. First, you will want to match the length of your beard hairs with your sideburns, then as you move down to the body of your beard, you can let them grow longer, and match the rest of your beard.

If you want a “Ducktail” Style, the hair on your beard body will be much shorter than the chin area. Start with the shortest hairs near your ears, and gradually let the hair get longer as you go lower and more towards your chin.

Best men's facial hair styles

This is where most beards are their grizzliest. You may only want to be trimming some wild hairs here, or sometimes none at all. For some styles, this area requires some shaping. To shape it properly, start to trim some of the hairs from the outside in.

At that’s all it takes! Check out some of our other sections, and may your beard stay Grizzly!

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