Beard styles. Best Electric Razors in 2021

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Electric razors cost more than disposable razors, but they provide smooth shaves and last longer.

Best trimmed beard styles

We also recommend picks for affordable, high-end, professional electric razors, and more.

Shaving isn't as simple or as easy as brushing your teeth. All beards aren't the same, and when you factor in the many styles of facial hair people prefer, there is no single tool or technique that works for everyone. While traditional manual razors are usually great for full, clean shaves on people with straight hair, they're not of much use beyond that. That's where electric razors come in.

Shaping a long beard

For some people, using an electric razor instead of a manual razor means fewer nicks, cuts, and no razor bumps to follow. For others, the choice to use an electric razor simply comes down to speed and convenience since they can be used wet or dry, with or without shaving cream. Wherever you fall in the spectrum of shaving expectations, there's definitely an electric razor out there that can meet or exceed all of your grooming needs.

We thoroughly tested and reviewed all of the best electric razors for most people's needs, below. We've also broken down the differences between foil and rotary shavers to help you determine which is best for your intended use and hair/skin type. You can find the explanation below, just under our top choices for electric razors.

Beard ideas 2016

Here are the best electric razors you can buy in 2021:
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