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Beards are back! A well groomed beard can be seen as a sign of power and manliness, which is why many of the most influential men grow one. Unlucky for some, they are not able to grow beards as others get to enjoy.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, it is all about patience and the right set of tools. Here are 5 secrets on what you can do to grow a sexy beard:

The shape of your face is highly indicative of the best beard shape that will make you look sexy. Your beard can be effectively used to show off your best features and disguise features that are not so appealing.

For a squared face, keep a beard full on the chin and short on the sides.

Beard styles for different face types

For the round face, the beard should be long on the bottom and short on the sides.

For rectangular faces, having a short and trimmed beard is perfect.

Meanwhile, if you have an oval face, you are fortunate since you can work with almost all styles of beards.

Patience is a virtue, even when it comes to growing beards. Your beard will not miraculously grow in tip-top shape just overnight. Keep in mind that the rate of its growth will depend on various factors, such as genetics and your level of testosterone. You should also keep in mind that the measurement of beard is not on the basis of length, but on months you had it grown.

Mustache and beard styles names

Once you have grown your beard, make sure to find time to have it trimmed or go to the barber shop for professional help, at least in the beginning. After you get the hang of it you can do it yourself at home with the right type of beard trimmer. While you have no direct control over where and how the beard grows, you can have control on how to have it styled through trimming.

Groom with the Use of the Right Products

There are many products that will make the beard look sexier. For instance, you can use a beard conditioner or beard balm or oil to avoid dryness or roughness. More so, you can also use grooming products that will allow the beard to grow thicker, giving you the flexibility to have it trimmed and style as you desire.

Match your Beard Style with a Sexy Celebrity

Chin beard

Have you ever been envious with how girls go gaga over guys they see on TV because of the beards that make them hotter? Use their beards as the inspiration for growing your own. Once you have already grown beard with the right thickness, have it trimmed following the style of the celebrity with a beard that you like. For best results, seek for help from a barber to help you achieve the look

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