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Having a professional beard is important. How to make beard style.

If you are in your practical life, then it’s way more important.

A good beard and a good suit with an outstanding pair of shoes is what all men look for nowadays. Growing a good beard is an art itself and it requires a lot of effort, its not only about facial hair coming out of the follicles in fact there is a lot more to it and physical and psychological factors add up a lot to the hair growth. Before you start reading further make sure you know about the beard style that suits you.

6 Beard Styles That Would Make You Look Professional

Some men just don’t grow enough facial hair because its not in their genes and some lack vitamins and nutrients that trigger the growth of the beard. However, if you are someone who grows a good amount of facial hair then be thankful for it and do all what you can in order to maintain your beard.

Your beard style and maintenance says a lot about your personality so make sure you leave no stone upturned when it comes to self-representation, your looks and your beard should say it all about you. Especially when it comes to business professionals such as CEO’s, marketing heads or managers, men have to be really really careful about their beard styles and its grooming.

If you are also one of those people who has a job interview coming up or someone who has recently been promoted on a good post then this article is for you. Today in this article we are going to jot down some of the best beard styles for professional look. So, make sure you take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article might aid you a lot in putting an amazing impression on your colleagues and employees too.

1. Stubble Beard Style

Stubble go well with all the face shapes and if kept clean, you can pull of a very handsome and professional look out of this style. Stubble can be a bit itchy but if you apply beard oil on regular basis then you won’t face any issues with it. If stubble are not maintained well then they can give you a very lazy and messy look which is not what you want as a professional so you should make sure you’ve kept a nicely trimmed and good stubble and that your cheek line and your neckline are always clean.

2. Short Beard

You can also call a short beard an extension of a stubble. You need to set your trimmers on 3 to 5 setting in order to get this look. You need to shave your cheek and neck in order to make it look well-groomed and maintained.

Beard styles for men with long hair

Maintaining the short beard requires some efforts because there are high chances that some irregular and unequal hair will grow on your beard and then they will make you look messy. A messy look is surely not good for a professional so make sure that you look neat and clean. Also, comb your beard even if it is short because that way it looks really good.

3. Full Goatee With Mustache

If you are on a good post of an CEO or a marketing manager then the full goatee with mustache is definitely a style that you must try. In order to get this look you have to grow some hair on your chin which go around your mouth and the mustache is an exception, if you think it suits you well then keep it otherwise you can shave it off too. When it comes to the goatee style, you have to shave off all of your facial hair on the cheeks and neck too. Its all clean and clear except for your chin. The beard will suit you a lot if you have a round face.

4. Circle Beard

With this beard style, you can impress everyone at your workplace and pulling this beard style is one easy thing to do. You just have to grow your beard to a good length and it will take you almost 3 or 4 weeks to do that. Also, this look includes a mustache too so don’t shave it off in fact let it grow till it looks fuller.

It is more of a combination of full goatee with mustache and it suits almost all the face shapes. If you want to get the perfect circle beard then we suggest you to go to the salon and get it done by a professional because it is a bit difficult to achieve this look all by yourself.

5. Full Beard

If you want to be and look like a boss then the full beard is something that you must try. This beard style is considered to be the most manliest style which can give you a very manly and strong look. A well groomed beard is something you should not miss this year because it is trending at the moment and you simply can’t deny that a well-maintained full beard is attractive and hot.

It is very easy to get this look especially if you are someone who grows facial hair on all of his face then you are surely one lucky guy. You have to let your hair grow till a medium stubble and then shave it off by using a razor. Keep trimming it regularly in order to give a well-groomed look.

6. Van Dyke

A Van Dyke beard can never go out of style and it is one of the best beard style a professional can have. It was the signature look of a very famous painter Van Dyke from the 17th century and it has been trending on and off since that time. This style is a mixture of mustache with goatee along with a muscle delicate precision. For anyone who wants to impress his boss or colleagues in the workplace, this beard style will work great for you as it gives a very clean and manly look to your overall face.

Nice beard cuts

Above we have mentioned the basic 6 beard styles for men who want to look like a pro. However, this isn’t it and there are plenty more styles out there that can be tried in order to check that which one suits you the best. Styling your beard perfectly with sharp cuts and edges is not only what you need to do. In fact maintaining a beard requires a lot more efforts. You have to make sure that you oil it regularly, comb it regularly and use shampoos and other beard products so that everything about your beard looks and appears perfect. Here is that one secret product that can help your beard look outstanding.

Honest Amish Beard Oil – A Perfect Product To Keep Your Beard Shiny

The Amish beard oil is a must try for you specially if you have problems in growing a good and fuller beard then this oil is your problem solver because it helps in stimulating facial hair growth. The best part about this oil is that it has impressed a lot of people and the results with it are guaranteed. Furthermore, the Amish beard oil can help you grow a thicker beard and you will no longer fall victim to the patches of beard in fact it will be fuller and bigger by using this oil.

The Amish beard oil comes at a very reasonable price too so you don’t have to worry about it being heavy on your budget. It is cheap in price and best when it comes to the quality. The only thing you need to do after applying this oil is to wait because it might take a little time to start showing results. However this is the best beard product that you can use for a good beard.

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