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What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is applied to your facial hair and is light, non-greasy, and functions similar to hair conditioner, as it nourishes, de-frizzes, and styles straw-like ends. No matter the length of your beard hair, the oil is applied to the beard and the skin beneath it to keep hair healthy, hydrated, and smelling good. Beard oils include a combination of nutritious and natural ingredients as your facial hair is rougher than the hair on your head, necessitating more care and hydration. Best beard.

Why Should I Use Beard Oil?

A good beard oil's cleanliness, health, and conditioning characteristics are tremendously undervalued and, once used, make it hard to imagine life without it.


Beard hair is rough, denser, and requires increased maintenance. Facial hair needs controlling if you want to prevent it from becoming increasingly irritating, leading you to shave the whole thing off! When you begin using beard oil, you will immediately notice that your coarse facial hair will become more manageable.

Conditioning & Hydration

Beard oil will soften the harsh hair and the skin beneath it, reducing the possibility of it becoming itchy or dry. It will also make it more elastic and simpler to style, reducing the chances of it getting itchy or dry.

Combats Beardruff

Gain immediate confidence in any situation as beard oil works quickly to remove stray beard dandruff. Caused by a build-up of dead skin cells, beardruff develops when the skin sheds too quickly, resulting in a visible accumulation of snowflake-like clusters. By hydrating the skin beneath your beard, you prevent skin from becoming dry and shedding, leaving your beard dandruff-free.

Subtle Scent

Sillage is the capacity to project an aroma, and a well-scented beard oil may stand in for cologne if needed. If you’re looking for a subtle scent, most beard oils aren’t overbearing after seeping into your facial hair.

Benefits Your Skin

The nutritional elements of beard oil will mean that your skin will also notice advantages. Beard oils that contain natural oils and nutrients such as Argan oils, baobab, and jojoba keep your skin supple and renewed. Overall these nourishing ingredients tend to have a positive impact across the whole of your face.

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Does Beard Oil Promote Facial Hair Growth?

The short answer? Yes. Commonly used components in beard oils, such as jojoba oil and argan oil, as well as natural antioxidants and vitamins, provide everything you need to generate conditions favourable for facial hair growth.

The long answer? Not directly. Beard oils should not be misunderstood as directly promoting facial hair growth, especially as they will not cause hair to grow where it hasn’t before. However, these favourable conditions for healthy development will provide you with the highest possibility of growing facial hair.

How & When Do I Apply Beard Oil?

The frequency with which you use beard oil is totally up to you, just like any other grooming product. Some oils are quickly absorbed, making them perfect for daily usage. Some will last longer, making them ideal for someone who doesn't have time to wash their beard every day.

Follow these steps as a good starting point:

After showering, towel-dry your beard.

Put three pumps or drops of beard oil into your palms.

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Rub your palms together and gently work your fingers up and down through your beard. This maximises the oil’s coverage. Use more drops or pumps as needed.

An extra step: Use a comb or brush designed for beards to spread and style your facial hair evenly.

Common Beard Oil Ingredients

Jojoba Oil

Lightweight and non-greasy, Jojoba Oil won't leave your beard looking oily. It absorbs instantly into your skin and beard with hardly any odour. It also contains natural iodine, which has an antibacterial effect. Check out HEATH Beard Oil.

Abyssinian Oil

As the most similar oil to the usual oils generated by our skin, Abyssinian Oil gives the most natural hydration of any oil available. Its pale yellow colour and light texture rejuvenate dull hair to create a healthy sheen. The oil is a natural alternative to synthetic mineral oils, commonly found in commercial hair care products. Check out Raw Naturals Imperial Beard Oil.

Argan Oil

Because argan oil is high in vitamin E, it is ideal for nourishing both head and beard hair, providing a healthy sheen and healing split ends. It also boasts excellent properties as a light and soft carrier oil, which helps to coat hair, allowing you to avoid environmental damage throughout the day. Check out RUFFIANS Argan Beard Oil or Telfer & Ross Beard Oil – Urban Nitro.

Avocado Oil

With its low viscosity, Avocado Oil penetrates and absorbs rapidly into your skin and hair. It contains many monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients that help maintain your beard health. Like olive oil, it contains vitamins A, D, and E, which are beneficial to your skin and hair follicles. Check out MESOA Rejuvenating Beard Oil or Humanity Cosmetics Tri-Action Oil.

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Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is good for hair that is dry, brittle, or seems lifeless. It can also be quite helpful in combating hair loss due to its unique ability to inhibit the synthesis of the hormone DHT, which is known to promote hair loss in males. Check out ADAM Grooming Atelier Daily Beard Oil.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an excellent choice for hydrating your facial hair. It repairs and restores the dry skin beneath your beard while also adding moisture and sheen straight to the beard hairs. Check out Daimon Barber Softening Beard & Stubble Serum.

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