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Wearing a beard should not be synonymous only with style but with modernism. That's why men no longer want the verse with the face too shaved and are choosing to let it grow. Different types of shaving styles.

It is also a good time for when you want a hair on the skin, why always wear a shaved face means you should shave almost daily. For this, a good beard oil is recommended.

Keep reading because in this article we show you the types of beards that are most used this 2018:

Women love men with rough and manly looks, so the goatee may be the most desired option for men who are determined.

Within this style, you can find many variants, but the characteristic that all have in common consists in the symmetry of the profiling that the cut must have. It is a style that if it is very well worked will be very masterful.

Within this style of knob, you can find the open one, which suits you very well if you are a man with an oval face. Because it favors the balance of your features, otherwise if you were round-faced.

If you want to leave your goatee and you get very little hair, try to grow more chin and mustache.

If you want to leave your goatee and you get very little hair, try to grow more chin and mustache. This form is known as the goatee.

Within the style of modern beards, it is still the favorite of many. Although as its name says it must always look like three days.

After this time you should do a review with the help of the scissors or the machine, otherwise you will be very careless. Do not forget a good shampoo for beard too, since it allows the skin to stay healthy.

New beard cut style

It became popular thanks to Eric Bandholz, who decided to grow his beard. After many comments against his appearance, he gave up his job to create his own brand of beard care products.

This style is for daring people and benefits almost all face types, except the round ones, to be able to wear it you must have a lot of patience to wait for the beard to grow, which could take up to seven months, after this time you can start to cut it and start to give it the desired shape.

When you get tired of this style you cut it a little and you stay in Garibaldi style.

- Combination between Knob and Full Beard

This style is used by renowned athletes; it is very elegant by the mixture of these two styles. Making you look a little more daring and original.

It requires care with the scissors to not let the beard grow too much, and the neck area requires special attention.

If you are one of the men who grow thick and abundant hair, this is definitely the style that would suit you very well. To show off in the right way you just have to let it grow for almost six weeks.

After this time you should outline and fix the neck area to make it look cleaner. Many men opt for this form because it gives them a touch of seriousness and virility.

It is a modern Beard style that has been adopted by the most daring men. With this fashion, we want to reflect a very masculine and relaxed personality.

Types of beard for men

For this type of beard, you will have to let it grow around 20 days so that it reaches the volume that is required. But as you grow up, it is better that you give him the care he needs to do it in the right way.

One of them is to go once a week to the barbershop during the first month to start shaping it. Then you can fix it at home yourself.

Although it is true, it is a style that can demonstrate a totally carefree personality, it does not mean that your beards have to look as if you used them to clean the dust. No, that's not what it's about either.

Its origins can come from the hands of an American general. The sideburns can look great if you have a square or circular face.

To achieve this style, you have to let the whiskers and whiskers grow until they meet. Then you should shave the part of the chin until you reach the lower part of the lip, depending on how you want to leave the volume of your whiskers, you can let it grow until they look denser.

The Van Dyke style has been a mix between the knob style and the mustache, it could be very appropriate if you are a man with a narrow chin.

If you want to know how to achieve it, you have to let the beard grow long enough to start marking an inverted T in the chin area. This is done with the help of the machine, thus in this way the cheeks and the area of the pin are completely shaved.

A style for men who like to be risky. This is a type of full beard, a bit long in the style of the lumberjacks.

It is recommended for those who have a thin face, however, if it is not your case, it is better that you look for a style that suits you best. We recommend you take a look at our infographic of the types of beard that go with your face.

Facial hair styles for oval faces

It is not a style of careless people; it requires a lot of attention to know how to take it. For this you must be cutting the edges to make it look neater.

To wear it, you must let your beard grow for two weeks, maximum. Then to keep it, you have to cut out the hairs that protrude from the cheeks and that are also in the part of the apple of Adam.

This shape favors all types of face so calm.

Try one or all 10 styles and send us a tweet to @kissmystacheFL to find out which beard style is your favorite.
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