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Rugged masculinity is easily expressed by the timeless beard. It has always been a symbol of power, strength, and maturity, and it’s probably safe to say that most ladies find beards impossible to resist. Smoldering good looks always involve beards, let’s face it. But what type of hairstyle should you pair them with? This is exactly what we’re here to document, and we’ve looked once again to our favorite celebrities for help. This is 50 celebrity inspired hairstyles with beard ideas. How to style a short beard.

1. The Chris Evans

Baby blue eyes, a couple of well-placed tattoos, and a lumberjack beard in the making? That’s Chris Evans alright. Or Captain America himself. The hairstyle the actor chose for his day to day life is a buzz cut which highlights his beautiful features.

2. The Tom Hardy

Actor Tom Hardy is the perfect example of how a man changes after he grows a beard. He looks completely different with one, and, dare we say, much more handsome. We’re also big fans of the gelled, deep side part he’s rocking.

3. The Daniel Radcliffe

His Harry Potter days are now well behind him, and actor Daniel Radcliffe has done everything in his power to distance himself from his boyhood persona, beard included. He now wears a beautiful full-on beard and a spiky haircut, which we love.

4. The Tom Hiddleston

Very few people know that Tom Hiddleston is actually blonde by nature and that he regularly dyes his hair dark brown. His hair is also curly, not straight and his beard, when he allows it to grow is slightly ginger in color.

5. The Justin Timberlake

Another celebrity who looks immensely different from his youthful days is pop star Justin Timberlake. Who can forget his boy band look when he had bottle blonde ramen curly hair? He now sports buzz cuts in his natural color and manly beards.

6. The Chris Pine

This is already the second Chris on our hairstyles with beard list after Chris Evans. He’s here to complete the Hollywood Chris quad which perpetually asks the question – who is the better Chris? Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pratt?

7. David Beckham Hairstyles with Beard

When it comes to hairstyles, you can never reach the bottom of the barrel with David Beckham. He has gone through what seems like every single haircut invented, including this slicked and gelled comb over with a mousquetaire look to it.

8. The Johnny Depp

Actor Johnny Depp has paired his pirate’s goatee with a medium, shaggy haircut which reminds us a lot of the hairstyle he used to have back when he started his career in Hollywood. Not to mention that, as far as hairstyles with beard go, this one is really easy to copy.

9. Harrison Ford Hairstyles with Beard

Another goatee but this time completely white. Harrison Ford has reached his maturity age, and his hairstyle shows exactly that. He has aged with a lot of grace and dignity proving to us that even gray hair can be handsome in its own right.

10. The Viggo Mortensen

This is hairstyles with beard done right, no doubt about that. Viggo Mortensen is an example of fashion and styling. His perfectly gelled side part is complemented by a bushy yet trimmed beard. And did you notice that natural fern at his lapel mirroring the green in his vest and tie? 100 styling points to King Aragorn!

11. The Pierce Brosnan

But Aragorn has some major competition when it comes to hairstyles with beard from none other than James Bond. Actor Pierce Brosnan shows you how to do salt and pepper the cool and elegant way.

12. Cool Hairstyles for Men with Beards

You say cool, we say Leonardo DiCaprio! The actor went for the man bun a few years ago, effectively making it the coolest hair trend around. You know that you need to sport a particular hairstyle when Leo wears it!

13. The Zayn Malik

After leaving One Direction, Zayn Malik felt the need to express his own persona and creativity a lot more. Therefore, he went for wilder and wilder haircuts, and he grew a beard. That didn’t chip away at how incredibly handsome he is one bit.

14. The Chadwick Boseman

Here’s a perfect example of how to style a beard and a short afro together. Chadwick Boseman surely knows how to do it, and you can copy his style. Visit your barber or stylist, and he or she will give you all the tips you need to know.

Men's facial hair goatee

15. Top Mens Hairstyles with Beards

If you feel brave enough and are interested in hairstyles with beard ideas, you can also get the Wolverine. Hugh Jackman sported an iconic look in the movie series complete with a medium layered haircut and heavy mutton chops.

16. The Andrew Garfield Hairstyles with Beard

Here is your friendly neighborhood Spiderman from the second installment in the past ten years but not the last. He wants you to know that he’s doing fine and that he’s all grown up now. He has graduated high school and is working and a hair and beard model.

17. The Chris Hemsworth

From Spiderman, we jump right to another Avenger, Thor himself. Chris Hemsworth is the third of the Chris quad to make our list. He’s here for his medium, dirty blonde, wet haircut paired with slight stubble. It’s great if you have blue eyes just like him.

18. The Travis Fimmel

Here’s actor Travis Fimmel portraying Ragnar Lotbrook on the show Vikings which amassed legions of fans. He has a historically accurate beard and hairstyle with long braids that signified a warrior’s glories in battles.

19. The Christian Bale

Are you ready for another superhero? Here’s Batman or rather Christian Bale, the actor who portrayed him. In real life, Bale sports a dark, medium haircut with a side part. His beard is natural and bushy, ginger in color.

20. The Toby Maguire Hairstyles with Beard

We already saw one Spiderman, let’s take a look at another one. Tobey Maguire wears his hair in a boyish haircut and he sometimes pairs it up with a scruffy beard. This look is very low maintenance, and you can copy it anytime you want.

21. The Channing Tatum

Goatees qualify as well when it comes to hairstyles with beard ideas. In case you don’t want or don’t have time to take care of a full-on beard, then a goatee might just be the answer for you. Find your inspiration with Magic Mike.

22. The Ben Affleck

We’ve already had two Spidermans on our list of hairstyles with beard ideas, so why not two Batmans? After Christian Bale here’s Ben Affleck looking dapper at a red carpet event with a little pompadour in the front and a very well-groomed beard to go with it.

23. The Charlie Hunnam

Actor Charlie Hunnam can serve as inspiration for all you guys out there who have blonde hair and an equally blonde beard. It’s perfect if you also have blue eyes and like to get a bit of tan in the summer to highlight your hair and eyes.

24. Benjamin Bratt Hairstyles with Beard

His magnificent bone structure is complimented by his slightly wavy hair which he wears in a comb over without any parting. He has naturally dark brunette hair, although you can notice that the actor is starting to get some gray hairs in his beard.

25. The Javier Bardem

This leading man of the silver screen likes to wear his hair in a medium, shoulder length cut, layered, and combed over the crown of the head. This, alongside his naturally maintained beard gives him the appearance of a bohemian artist.

26. The Stanley Tucci

Few men can wear a severely receding hairline with such dignity and grace as Stanley Tucci. This makes him a true king of Tinsel Town and an example to follow for all the men who are finding it hard to come to terms with their own loss.

27. The Billy Boyd

The former Lord of the Rings star has ditched the curls he sported for the movie. In real life, he wears his hair short and with a side part, accompanied by a light stubble. And, as difficult as it may be to see that time has passed in the Shire as well, it seems as though Pippin now has a few gray hairs too.

28. The Bruce Willis

It’s not easy being one of the toughest guys in Hollywood, but Bruce Willis pulls it off, undoubtedly helped by his physique. Bruce faced hair loss early on in his life, which prompted him to shave off his whole head.

Top beard styles

29. Ewan McGregor Hairstyles with Beard

Do you have a ginger beard? You should be proud of it! So does Ewan McGregor. The actor loves pairing it with a layered comb over in his natural dark blonde which highlights his baby blue eyes.

30. Long Hairstyles for Men with Beards

If you have long hair and thinking about styling it with a beard, Jason Momoa can definitely be your source of inspiration. The actor loves his long locks which he flaunts everywhere he goes and which helped him score the part of Aquaman.

31. The Jude Law

Another Hollywood hottie famous for struggling with a receding hairline is Jude Law. He makes up for it, however, with his beautifully trimmed beard that helps outline the finely chiseled features of his face.

32. The Armie Hammer

Because looking like a real life Disney Prince Charming was not enough for him, Armie hammer thought adding a nice beard would enhance his good looks. He was not wrong. He sports a classically dapper haircut and a short beard.

33. Brad Pitt Hairstyles with Beard

Brad Pitt has tried numerous haircuts over the years from the iconic 90s blonde boy band haircut he used to wear to long hair to buzz cuts to undercuts. He even gave this shaggy 70s style a try and it fit him rather well.

34. Older Mens Hairstyles with Beards

The salt and pepper is code name in styling for gray hair. It’s important to embrace your natural hair color as you progress through the years, just like George Clooney did. He can be your style star inspiration any time.

35. The Robert Downey Jr.

It’s probably safe to say that Robert Downey Jr.’s persona and that of his character’s, Tony Stark, have fused a bit over the years. That’s why the actor has adopted the superhero’s haircut and iconic beard in his real life as well.

36. The Orlando Bloom

Even though the entire world knows him with the long, sleek, blonde wig he wore in both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, actor Orlando Bloom actually has dark curly hair in real life. He likes to wear it in a medium, shaggy cut.

37. The Ian McKellen

From Legolas, we jump right to another Middle Earth character, portrayed by none other than Sir Ian McKellen. He too wore long, gray and white wigs in the movies. In real life, however, he wears his white hair in a comb over, combined with a bushy beard to match.

38. The Idris Elba

This perfect minimal afro with an undercut is mirrored by Idris Elba’s trimmed beard and we cannot help but agreeing that yes, the actor would make a fantastic James Bond. But did you know that he also auditioned to play Gaston in the live action Beauty and the Beast?

39. Latest Mens Hairstyles with Beards

Christian Gray himself could not have possibly missed from our list of hairstyles with beard ideas. Jamie Dornan loves short haircuts, well-trimmed beards, and smoldering looks in real life as well.

40. The Aidan Turner

Here is the proof you needed that you can combine a man bun with a full-on beard. And not just any man bun, but a curly one at that. You might recognize actor Aidan Turner from Poldark or The Hobbit. In real life, he has very curly hair which he loves to put up in a man bun for the convenience of it.

41. The Lenny Kravitz

When it comes to hairstyles with beards, given the fact that facial hair is so versatile and trendy nowadays, you can literally pair it up with anything. Dreads are a gorgeous example. Here’s musician Lenny Kravitz sporting a set of medium sized brunette dreads.

42. Aaron Taylor-Johnson Hairstyles with Beard

We absolutely love Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s 50s James Dean inspired look. Of course, he brought it to the 2010s by adding that beautiful beard, but our eyes go straight to the high top comb over, slicked with just the right amount of hair gel.

Different long beard styles

43. The Alex Pettyfer

Do you need advice on how to style blonde hairstyles with beard for a square face? Say no more. Alex Pettyfer is here with the latest news. His shaggy and slightly curly short haircut makes him look like a surfer on spring break.

44. The Kit Harrington

This British hunk has what is, probably, one of the most recognizable hairstyles with beard of the past decade. A simple outline of his medium length curly hair and bushy beard would be enough to tell you that this is Jon Snow, King in the North.

45. Richard Madden Hairstyles with Beard

From Jon Snow we move on right to his brother, Robb Stark or, if you prefer it, Cinderella’s Prince Charming. Either way, Richard Madden was good looking enough to pull them both off. We believe his styling choices had a little bit of say in that.

46. The Sebastian Stan

The Winter Soldier himself has straight, shoulder length hair in his movies. In real life, however, actor Sebastian Stan is very partial to a short style haircut with just a few boyish spikes in the front and a shadowy beard.

47. Diego Luna Hairstyles with Beard

We love actor Diego Luna’s hairstyle because it’s such a departure from everything else we’ve seen so far. He has always done things in his own way and his styling choices are no different. He wears a shaggy and layered haircut and a stubble.

48. The Jon Hamm

It’s nice to see that even in real life Jon Hamm sports the same classic and dapper haircut as his TV counterpart, Don Draper. However, he has added a beard which adorns his masculine jawline.

49. The Kristofer Hivju

You may know him as Tormund Giantsbane from Game of Thrones but from now on you will know him as one of your style icons. His ginger hair and beard are styled to perfection with this medium, wavy comb over.

50. Jared Leto Hairstyles with Beard

Being the chameleon that he is, Jared Leto reinvented himself multiple times during his music and acting career. Here he is with bottle blonde, sleek, shoulder length hair paired with his natural beard.


Even though they have never been out of style per se, beards sat quietly on the back burner for a while waiting for their chance to shine again. They received that chance a few seasons ago when everyone started wearing them heavily again. And, with so many haircut options to choose from nowadays, why wouldn’t you give this list of hairstyles with beard ideas a thorough reading? It has all your favorite stars!
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