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When it comes to styling your beard, you are free to decide whether to have a long or short beard. You may want to pay attention to your face’s shape and other factors to determine how long your beard should be, but in the end, your preference decides everything. No matter how long you want your beard to be, you have to make sure that it is properly shaped. Beard styling is not only about cutting and trimming beard, but also about sculpting it, so if you decide to keep a short beard, make sure that you know how to trim a short beard and to sculpt it. this show you a large selection of beard grooming equipment that you can use to get the best-looking short beard. In addition to understanding the right equipment to use, you also need to know the right way to use it. You can read everything about that here. How to style a short beard.

How to Trim a Short Beard

Before you attempt to style and sculpt your short beard, you definitely need to cut and trim it first. You can skip this stage if you already have short beard, but if you have to deal with your long beard first, this stage is undoubtedly essential. Here are systematic steps to cut your long beard and to make it short enough.

Wash and condition your beard

Before you attempt to put your scissors or trimmers on your beard, be sure to get it well prepared for cutting. Washing and conditioning your beard will soften it and make it more ready for cutting. Remember that the jaw and chin area of your face contains thousands of nerve cells. Cutting and trimming shaggy beard without washing and conditioning it first can be a painful experience.

Brush your beard

Brushing helps tidy up your conditioned beard. Brush your beard evenly downward so that every strand of hair goes downward. By brushing your beard, you will not be able not only to ensure that your beard is ready for trimming, but also to see clearly any irregularities in your beard.

Cut your beard using clipper and scissors

You can now pick your clipper and start using it to cut your beard. Clipper is useful for cutting your beard as it has guard that protects your chin and jaw from the blades and ensures even cutting length. Scissors are useful especially on areas where clipper’s guard may become unwanted obstacle. When cutting your moustache, for example, you may prefer using scissors to using clipper.

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Trim your beard using trimmer

A trimmer allows you to cut your beard with even more consistent length. With trimmer, you can also do what a clipper cannot: reaching hard to reach areas, especially around your neckline. A trimmer includes adjustable length settings that can be great if you want to achieve a stubble look or if you want to sculpt a tapered beard. Some trimmers include not only beard trimmer, but also pop-up sideburns trimmer that can be handy for styling your sideburns.

Don’t dispose of your trimmer yet because you will need it for the most exciting part of your beard grooming activity: beard styling and sculpting.

How to Style and Sculpt Short Beard

The second stage of your short beard grooming involves styling and sculpting your beard using more delicate tools that will modify the look of your beard with higher precision level. Are you ready to know how to trim a short hair and to give if real style? Here are steps that you can follow to have the most wonderful beard ever.

1.Set your trimmer at the longest length

The last step of the previous stage is actually the first of this. While attempting to trim your beard, be sure to set it at the longest length to take all hair down to an even length. You can style and sculpt your beard after you ensure that your beard is of the same length.

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2.Pick your preferred style

When you are ready to style your beard, pick a style that is the most suitable for your face shape. If you have round face, you can make it look slimmer and longer by styling anchor beard, Balbo beard, Van Dyke beard, or boxed beard. If you have square face, you may want to try Royale beard, goatee or circle beard. Rectangle face will look great with mutton chops beard, chin strip beard, or gunslinger beard. If you have oval face, you should be happy because you have an ideal face for most bead styles, especially 3-day stubble beard and horseshoe moustache.

3.Use your trimmer to mark sculpted area

Using the edge of your trimmer, draw on your beard the outline of the beard style that you want apply to your beard. You can then use the mark to guide you when you try to trim down or even to shave the unwanted area on your beard.

4.Start sculpting your beard

On area where the beard must be removed, you can set the trimmer to lower setting to remove the unwanted hair. Make sure that you keep your brush at hand to make sure that you trim the right area on your beard. To further clean the beardless area, use a shaver straight, safety or electric, to smooth it and to completely remove all hair from it. Use shaving foam and after shave lotion if necessary.

With these simple steps, you should be able to trim, style and sculpt your beard perfectly. All shaving tools that you can read here, including clipper, brush, comb, scissors, trimmer, and shaver, are available at online stores like With the right tools and the right methods, your beard trimming session will be the most exciting and rewarding experience that you can have.

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Knowing how to trim a short beard, to style it and to sculpt it is essential if you regard your beard as your most important asset to look great and enchanting. Basically, you only need to know the right tools and methods to use, so collect your equipment now and make your beard the most enchanting beard ever.
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