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Growing a lustrous beard for men often comes down to their manliness quotient in some cultures. For the rest, it is just a matter of looking great! In fact, the need to be beard-iful has gained such social attention, that people have started trends like “No Shave November.” But sadly, like in the case of most things, not all people have a naturally deep scruff. Decent beard styles.

If you are one of them, trust us when we say this – you are beautiful just the way you are! In fact, stylising and obsessing over a patchy beard isn’t something very new also! Let’s get down to business. In this article, we are going to talk about the 7 best beard styles for men with patchy facial hair.

7 Beard Styles That Suit Best On Men With Patchy Facial Hair:

1. Naturally Overgrown Beard

It is all about playing the long game. If you can bear with the initial growth phase, with some patience you will have a decent overgrown look that covers up mostly all of the patches. It is important for you to use a beard brush or comb to make sure that the strands stay at the optimal angle. Use of a beard balm or wax is also advised. They not only hold the beard in the exact way you want it to be but also gives it an extra lustre of its own.

2. The Dark Stubble Beard

If anyone has ever done justice to this style, that’d be Iwan Rheon. Remember the bad-boy look that he pulled off in Game of Thrones? Well, some of the credit goes to this bad-ass style. This patchy beard comes down from the sideburns and up to the cheekbones. A small patch under the chin is shaved clean off.

This beard style for men with patchy facial hair can be carried well into professional settings and is a hit for casual dates, as well! Just make sure to groom your hair and attire accordingly to balance off the intense look. For although a great character in the show, no one would really want to hang around Ramsay Bolton, IRL!

3. The Keanu Style Beard

Probably the most iconic beard style for men with patchy facial hair of all time, as carried on by the common God of all religions – Keanu Reeves! This is best suited for people who want a very laid back low maintenance beard style. If your cheeks aren’t too patchy, this might be just the look that you should be going for! Keep the trimmer measure set to a 2 mm and trim away! The overall neatness needs to be maintained, but with little effort.

Keep the cheek lines and lower neck area neat to give it some sort of conformity, all the while maintaining the manly rugged look. Just in case perhaps your office thinks this is too casual for the work environment, you can always balance it out with a neat and short, well-groomed hairstyle. This pushes the notion that you are well aware of your grooming needs and your scruff wasn’t just born out of lazy afternoons.

Clean beard styles

4. The Depp Goatee Beard

This is inspired by the best-known look of Johnny Depp. If your chin beard and moustache game are strong, make them grow out. This requires quite some maintenance, though. Make sure to trim and style the growing patches to make the hair seem dense. Constantly trim the hair around the jaw at a certain length, after growing them out.

This gives a very chiselled appearance, all the while contouring your jawline. This draws attention straight to your goatee and gives it prevalence over the rest of your face. Make sure to shave off any sparsely growing patch of hair in areas where you don’t want them to be. It simply adds to the cleanliness.

5. Cheekbones Highlighted (Clip It Like Beckham)

Another brilliant choice for men looking for beard styles with patchy facial hair, as seen on the famous soccer star David Beckham! This is for people who have relatively high growth in the facial hair of the cheek region. All the more so for those whose cheek hair descends at a shallow angle and does not have a joining moustache.

Try cleaning up the edges to shape the beard according to its natural growth. This enhances your cheekbones and gives you a very masculine look. It takes a bit of doing to pull off this style and adds a lot of structure to your facial appearance.

6. Sparing Scruffy Beard

The bristly sparing scruff is a well-known style. Personally, we think this is one of the best beard styles for men with patchy facial hair. One starts with shaving off the cheek and necklines and trimming down the overall beard to a uniform length. This adds structure and symmetry to your facial hair.

If maintained well, it can provide the foundations of a full beard. This is also cool if you want to maintain a great looking beard style while waiting for a fuller beard to grow – which frankly speaking can take quite some time.

Go t beard styles

7. The Downey Jr. Van Dyke Beard

This is one of the coolest styles for men with patchy facial hair, back from 2016! And in my opinion, it is still not dead. It is also known as the Tony Stark stubble, worn infamously by the graciously talented actor Robert Downey Jr. This involves a V-shaped goatee and can be easily shaped out of a decent length of facial hair.

Just use a razor to shape it up and shave off all the extra facial hair. Shortened sideburns look the best with this style. This adds a strong bold look to your persona and can rock both the work hard and play hard without breaking a single sweat!

Q. How To Fill A Patchy Beard Naturally?

It is important to understand that a patchy beard is not at all uncommon. There can be many reasons for the same. This can range anywhere between simple genetics to a slight imbalance in hormones, lack of zinc and potassium in your diet to chronic stress (again leading to hormonal imbalance). In fact, many Indians suffer every year from alopecia areata (or spot baldness). This may go away on its own, or require specific treatment in certain cases.

Now coming to the topic of how to fill in a patchy beard naturally, the options you have are as follows:

Let It Grow. It’s better to let the beard take its course, and with time and dedicated grooming, you may have a fuller beard that covers up any patchy spots on its own.

Grooming. This is very important, as it gives your beard a better life. Trim it regularly (start with the longest setting possible, ALWAYS!) and ensure the removal of any split ends. You also need to brush it regularly (using a BEARD BRUSH ONLY!) to stimulate the hair roots.

Facial style

Beard Products. Use a beard oil made for your beard type to nourish it well and take care of the skin and roots, and use a beard balm to stylize your facial hair. This ensures that it stays the way you set it to be.

Diet. As mentioned above, an improper diet can be a big reason for your patchy beard. It is suggested that you have enough zinc, potassium, protein, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Staying hydrated is also very important for a body as a whole to stay moisturised and healthy.

Work Out And Chill Out. Working out is very important for your body just as much as it is for your beard. Also, you need to rest well. Meditation is advised for coping with stress, just in case that’s the issue.

We hope that this article comes to your use. The seven styles mentioned are personally curated by our stylists to ensure only the best for our readers. We are sure this will help you stylise your beard the best way possible. Also, may the notes on getting rid of patchiness in your facial hair help you tackle your problem at the very source. Good luck!

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