Full beard shapes. 5 Best Chinese Beard Styles To Get Unique Appearance - 2022

Chinese beard styles are not as rare as you would think. Top 10 facial hair styles.

In reality, Chinese people with beards may style their facial hair the same way as any other ethnicity, including white men.

Chinese men have a wide range of facial hair patterns, from a Chinese mustache to a goatee to a full Chinese beard styles.

However, categorization will not help you achieve the fashionable beard you desire.

So, how do you maintain and style a “Chinese” beard while staying appreciative of Chinese culture?

Why Are So Many Chinese Men Unable to Grow Beards?

Why Are So Many Chinese Men Unable to Grow Beards

Although many Chinese men can develop facial hair, Chinese beard styles are rare.

Why can’t a Chinese man have a full beard style?

The explanation is simple: Chinese men do not require one.

Because facial hair is produced by nature to keep our skin warmer. People living in a cold climate may grow longer beards without difficulties, like in Sweden, Europe, Norway, and Russia.

Like Asia and Africa, men in hot climates do not need any facial skin warmer. As a result, growing facial hair is not an option for these people.

How to Groom Your Chinese Beard?

How to Groom Your Chinese Beard

If you’re lucky enough to have facial hair, you won’t go nuts attempting to retain it as long as possible.

The majority of Chinese guys get most of their hair growth on their chins and cheeks.

Here are some points to decide your Chinese beard styles.

Before choosing any beard style, consider how your hair grows.

Mostly, it’s better to go with a goatee style or chin curtain.

It is feasible to grow a thick beard, although not all Chinese men look well with it.

While pursuing fullness, don’t lose sight of elegance.

Short beard styles 2016

Chinese men look best with short, beautiful beards. The majority of them make use of the attractive stubble on the cheeks and chin.

Go for it if you can develop a full-size facial beard!

Just keep in mind how much upkeep it needs. Most of the guys choose short beards style that doesn’t require much maintenance regularly.

Style Suggestions for a Chinese Beard Styles

Check out the easy yet effective techniques for growing and styling a Chinese-inspired beard below.

Patience Is the Key to Grow Chinese Facial Hair Style

Patience Is the Key to Grow Chinese Facial Hair Style

The concept of waiting is among the most lasting foundations of Confucian philosophy.

While the great thinker most likely did not want such a profound and abiding value to be understood merely for the sake of online beard style tips.

The truth is that if you’re going to grow out a specific beard, you will need to be patient.

This is also true for Chinese beard styles.

It’s also essential to debunk a widespread Internet fallacy, which holds that Chinese men “can’t” have beards.

You must have seen a Chinese guy with a beard in your life, and examples range from Confucius to Chinese Traditional male leaders.

In any event, you’ll have to be patient and push the hair follicles to grow.

Moisturizing and Skin Maintenance

Moisturizing and Skin Maintenance

The condition of your hair on top of your head might decrease if you don’t clean and care for it correctly; the same is true for your beard.

You would like to make sure your skin is smooth, healthy, and well moisturized to make growth as simple and long-lasting as possible.

This can make it easier to develop a bigger, cleaner, and nicer beard.

Furthermore, taking preventive care of your body is beneficial to your general look and your essential grooming and nutrition in the long term.

Hair Brushing and Styling

Hair Brushing and Styling

Small goatee styles

We have arrived at the point where we can begin styling your beard.

While it is important not to generalize, we tend to see a straight, maybe pointed beard when we think of a typical Chinese man with a beard.

In fact, our old friend Socrates had a curlier beard in booms and busts of him.

Of course, hairstyles, like philosophy, have evolved significantly since the era of Confucius and Socrates.

With that said, if you already have naturally frizzy and curly hair, you’ll need to do a lot of combing and possibly look into applying some hair straightening products and procedures to get the straight, clean, crisp image we generally associate with Chinese beard styles.

5 Awesome Chinese Beard Styles That Stand Out Your Look

The size and shape of Chinese beard styles vary.

While some Chinese men find it challenging to grow a beard, others perceive no difficulty maintaining facial hair.

Unless you are not frightened of the effort required to develop a gorgeous Chinese beard. You may look into a few choices to make your fantasy a reality.

Even the most reluctant man will be inspired by this collection of five Chinese beard styles.

White long Chinese Goatee Style Beard

White long Chinese Goatee Style Beard

Most traditional Chinese men have various types of Goatee beard styles. You can cut it and leave it simply on your chin, expand with a mustache, or go a little longer along your jawline.

The goatee’s major focus is just around and on the chin.

Full Chinese Inspired Beard Style

Full Chinese Beard Style

Growing a beard takes more than simply leaving it alone and doing nothing until it is fully developed.

Whenever you desire to grow a full Chinese beard, you need to maintain it properly to appear magnificent and strong.

Chinese Long Style Beard With a Chinese Long Mustache

Chinese Long Style Beard with a Chinese long mustache

You must have seen some Chinese man with a long beard in a movie.

A very lengthy Goatee with a mustache can only be carried off by a guy with strong hair growth.

Hairstyle with beard for men

We urge you to see if your facial hair grows long and quickly; otherwise, this will not be a good choice for you.

Chinese Inspired Full Goatee

This beard style has a mustache that extends from the top lip to the sides of the lips, where it meets the beard.

It is the perfect beard style among other Chinese beard styles for Chinese guys who have a diamond face shape.

Chinese Inspired High Bun Hairstyle With Low Beard Style

Chinese High Bun Hairstyle with Low Beard style

Because Chinese men often lack facial beards on the sides of their faces, this short beard is a good alternative.

It allows your chin hair to be thick before shaving off any strand of hair on both sides of the face. This Chinese beard will get you a lot of compliments.


The Chinese beard styles is determined by how your hair develops.

You will get what you want if you are willing to invest a significant amount of effort into making your beard appear beautiful.

Most people need 14 days to notice a 14-inch growth in their hair.

There are many reasons that contribute to the rapid and slow development of hair in all men, but most men can grow facial hair after puberty.

Hair growth is most likely affected by heredity.

You may grow hair quickly depending on where you live.

However, guys in China often shave their beards since it is harder to develop hair.

Use a beard style guide if you wish to grow your facial hair and explore your beard nature.

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