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Whether you’re a lifelong beard owner, or yours is a product of lockdown, it’s important to know how to keep it looking smart and healthy. How to shape beard styles.

In this guide, we’ll teach you all there is to know about beard styling. You’ll learn how to groom a beard, how to trim a beard cheek line, and all the beard styling tips you should need. We promise that with our beard care advice, you’ll be ready to flaunt your facial hair with nothing but confidence.


Beard Styling Inspiration

We happily champion men with their own style and identity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t draw inspiration from others.

We’ve identified the long and short beard styles that are timeless classics, so that, no matter how much hair you grew during lockdown, there’s a style you can aspire to.

1. Goatee

Until the 1900s, the term goatee described a tuft of hair on the chin, similar to that of a goat. Nowadays, any beard made up of hair on the chin and upper lip, but not on the cheeks, is thought of as a goatee. Men have adopted this beard style for millennia, as it dates back to Ancient Rome.

Its resurgence has partially been fuelled by celebrities – almost everyone has rocked a goatee at some point. It’s also the perfect beard style for those with patchy or uneven hair on the neck and cheeks, as it’s particularly easy to achieve.

Beard Care for Goatees

Use a trimmer to define the shape around your chin and lips (whether you go for a partial or full goatee is up to you), and use the precision blade to polish up any stray hairs on the upper lip or chin.

DB Tip: Don’t forget to exfoliate before you shave! Exfoliating helps to lift the hairs, making them easier to cut through, and reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

2. Balbo

A balbo features a moustache separated from a beard on the chin and along the jawline. This beard style suits any face shape, but it’s especially popular with those who have a rounded chin or jawline as it adds fullness and definition.

Beard Care for the Balbo

Grab your trimmer and shave inward, down from your ears, until you have a symmetrical shape.

Follow up with shaving cream and a razor to tackle stubble and make your look sharper and more defined. Leave a small gap between your moustache and beard to complete the look.

3. Beardstache

Quite possibly the least creative name for a beard style, the ‘beardstache’ is exactly what it sounds like. It features a full beard with more length on the upper lip area, resulting in a prominent moustache.

Different beard styles pictures

While moustaches are inherently cool, some may not want to part ways with their beards – and so with this beard style, you don’t have to.

Beard Care for Beardstache

Trim your cheeks, jaw and chin on a lower clipper setting, while leaving your moustache to grow out further. You can choose how long or short the beard below your neck is.

To style your moustache, use our 100% vegan Remedy Wax, made from premium natural plant wax. Not only is it a well-loved member of our Daimon Barber hair styling range, but it also doubles up as a great beard styling wax too!

4. Viking Beard

In much simpler times, Vikings would grow their beards to shelter their faces from the bitter, Scandinavian cold. Now, men grow Viking beards to help them look strong and rugged (although it will still keep you warm…).

If you’re committed, it typically takes 6-8 months to grow a Viking beard, but can take even longer if you’re a slow grower.

What makes the Viking beard different is its emphasis on what’s below your neck. A Viking beard should be narrow around your cheeks and longer below your chin and neck.

Beard Care for Viking Beard

You can shape the beard to suit your face shape (more on that later) or go full-on Viking by braiding the hair or adding accessories. Embrace your own style and identity!

Beard Maintenance: How to Groom a Beard

If you want healthy and soft facial hair, you must learn how to maintain a beard correctly. Follow our beard care routine below:

Step 1 – Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Morning and night, use an antioxidant-rich Face Wash to keep your beard in the best condition. Not only will it clean the skin underneath your beard, but it will banish dirt and dust that can damage your facial hair over time. This will also help to add moisture to the hair strands, preventing a dry, itchy beard.

Step 2 – Use a Beard Softener

A beard softener is essentially a conditioner for your facial hair – best applied after you’ve washed your face. Packed with nutrients and vitamins, our Beard & Stubble Softener helps to protect, repair and replenish the moisture levels in your beard. It’s also high in Vitamin E, which is essential if you want softer strands.

Step 3 – Use a Beard Comb

To prevent your beard from tangling, you should brush it every day with a beard comb. Combing your beard also helps to distribute sebum, which your body naturally produces to keep skin and hair moisturised. The longer your beard gets, the harder it is for the sebum to reach the ends naturally, so give it a helping hand.

Chin beard

Step 4 – Trim Your Beard

Even if you’re growing your beard out, you need to trim it occasionally to prevent brittle hairs and split ends by taking a centimetre or so off every 3 weeks.

But what’s the best way to trim your beard?

How to Trim a Beard

To ensure your beard is looking its best, regular trimming is essential.

Using the longest setting on your beard trimmers, go against the direction of hair growth to remove any excess bulk, keeping the length uniform. If you want to go shorter, adjust the setting on your trimmer accordingly.

But, achieving a smart looking beard is not all about length – you should neaten your beard line too.

How to Trim a Beard Line

A beard line should be just above your Adam’s apple. Start by placing your finger here, then shape a small line under it using a trimmer.

Continue the line across both sides of your neck, bending upwards in a U shape before finishing parallel with the corner of your jaw. Make sure it’s symmetrical on both sides before trimming the hairs underneath the line.

Using your trimmer, shave upwards from the bottom of your neck until you meet the line. Turn the trimmer over and shave downwards for greater precision and definition.

How to Trim a Beard Cheek Line

Draw an imaginary line from the tops of your earlobes to the corner of your mouth. You can use a lather of shaving cream as a guide if you wish.

Again, using your trimmer, in a downwards motion to create a precise line, keeping your beard looking sharp and neat.

How to Shape a Beard

If you’re opting for length, you must learn how to shape a beard. The shape of your beard should match your head shape and the contours of your face.

Styling your beard

Round: If you have a round face, you’re better off growing a long and full beard. – T t his will stop your profile from looking circular.

Rectangular: If you have an oblong face, a short beard with fuller sides will help to add width to your profile.

Square: A narrow beard adds length to a square jaw without making it look wider.

Triangular: Full beards tend not to suit those with triangular-shaped faces. Instead, keep it shorter on the sides and rounded at the bottom to produce an oval shape.

Oval: People with oval-shaped faces tend to suit any beard style, so try a few to find your preference.

The easiest way to shape your beard is to start with a large setting on your trimmer and work your way backwards to a lower setting. For long beards, use a beard comb and when you’ve got hold of the hairs, run your trimmer along the comb to remove the desired length.

Now you’re equipped with these beard styling tips, be confident in the knowledge that your facial hair looks, smells and feels fantastic!
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