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As a result of the pandemic, experimenting with different styles of beard has reached an all-time high. The options are endless, and with the last decade seeing the most hair and beard trends come and go, there are a few trends that won’t die out for a long time. Amazing beard styles.

If you’re struggling to pick the style you want, and want a variety of small and long hair options, take a look at our top picks below for the best beard styles in 2021.

The Scruffy Beard

Probably the most popular type of beard style is the scruffy beard. This is where the beard is short to medium length and usually unkept.

Maintenance remains at a minimum with this beard style. This can be seen with the occasional long hair sticking out of the beard, or the low neckline.

However, we do recommend taking care of your beard and grooming it now and again to avoid it looking too messy. Check out our previous blog on our tips on looking after your beard.

The Patchy Beard

Many people, especially people in their early 20s, find it difficult to grow a full, perfect beard.

Instead of wishing for something more, embrace your natural patchy beard.

Beard look for mens

The key to maintaining patchy beards is to always keep the patchy part of your beard short. This helps accentuate the parts of your beard which do grow out. Another option is to keep your moustache long and keep the sides of your beard at a stubble length.

Power Beard

As the name indicates, the power beard draws attention. These beards are grown from at least four to six inches long in length.

This beard can give you a lot of confidence and give off a great first impression.

At this length, your beard will start to show some personality. It may grow straight down, become wavy or curly.

You will need to keep on top of different styling techniques in order to keep the beard nice and maintained. For some more tips and tricks on how to do this, check out our recent blog, top tips on styling your beard.

Short Boxed Beard

This beard gives off a sharp and manicured style that can perfectly complement the box cut hairstyle. It requires careful styling to perfect its edges to create its box-like shape, including cutting off loose bits of hair.

Mens latest beard style

However, if you prefer a more messy style, leaving a few longer hairs to protrude through can still look just as sharp. This beard style is perfect for formal events.

Moustache and Goatee

For those who maybe prefer less facial hair or prefer not to rock the patchy beard, the classic moustache and goatee combination might just be the style for you.

It requires a moustache and hair on the chin and sometimes these two to connect to form an ‘O’ shape around the mouth. However, this can be separated if you prefer a different look. The sides are shaved or cut down to stubble length to accentuate the two parts of facial hair.

Rounded Beard

The rounded beard is pretty self-explanatory. It’s perfect for men with round, square or oval-shaped faces because it follows the natural curve of the face.

This requires a bit of maintenance to keep your beard in that perfect rounded shape. Trimming around the cheeks is advised to make sure the beard doesn’t creep too far up the face.

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