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Don’t you think a stylish beard can make a man’s personality more attractive and masculine? Yes, right? A proper outfit with a perfect beard can make your appearance heart throbbing. But wait a minute! Do you have less facial hair or uneven beard growth? If this is why you are hesitating to keep your beard then it is the right time to adopt a thin beard style. Here, in this article, we have come out with the best beard styles for men with less facial hair. Mens best beard style.

The majority of men dream to grow a thick and full beard like their favorite personality. Contradictorily, in reality, very few of them can make their dreams come true. Due to genetic problems or hormonal disorders, many men have to deal with a thin beard or less facial hair. You may have tried some natural remedies, and even have gone through medical advice.

However, it may not show you the most awaited result. Do not be disheartened as there are lots of beard styles for less hair. Therefore, through this article, let’s figure out quickly the best less hair beard style that suits you most.

Different Types Of Thin Beard:

The growth of a beard starts with your growing age due to the hormonal changes in your body. Beard starts sprouting at your teenage and fully grows almost at your age of 25. It depends on lots of factors which include hormonal factors, diet, lifestyle, and even genes. Some of us may grow lots of facial hair while some people may have less hair on their face. A thin beard can be categorized by thin hair, bald spots, excessive hair loss, and patchy growth.

Patchy Hair Growth: Facial hair growth starts in your teenage. At this stage, you may observe that some portions of your face are devoid of hair. As you grow older these patches may be filled. However, some men continue to mature with partial hair growth which is known as patchy hair growth.

Finer Beard Hair: Finer beard is a common scenario when your beard begins to grow. But it is not obvious that when you become mature your beard will also become thicker. Though you may have lots of finer hair on your face, it always appears thinner in comparison to thick facial hair.

Excessive Hair Loss: Hair loss including facial hair is very common. When the rate of facial hair loss is higher than normal, your beard starts to become thinner.

Q. Should You Keep A Beard If You Have Less Facial Hair?

Many people think that masculinity lies in the beard while some prefer a clean shaved classy look. It completely depends on your choice whether you want to see yourself in a beard or in a clean shave look. But if you are thinking of shaving your beard just because you have less facial hair, then it is not the right ground to give up your dream of beard styling.

Hence what to do? Should you keep your beard with less facial hair? The answer is yes. Despite having less facial hair, you must try the beard styles for men with less facial hair, and embrace it with glory.

10 Best Beard Styles For Men With Less Facial Hair:

Lots of people grow thin beards, and still, they want to embrace it. But they might be confused about how to style their beard. If you are one of these people then here is the solution to your problem. Here we are listing the 10 best beard styles for men with less facial hair.

1. Chin Beard Only

If you have a patchy beard growth that leaves bald spots on your face, then this less hair beard style can be a great choice for you. This beard style is very simple and easy to maintain. Chin beard style only involves the hair at your chin and beneath your lips. Moreover, it will give you a very stylish look.

Allow the hair at your chin to grow.

Shave and clean your face except the hair on your chin and beneath your lips.

Then trim your chin hair according to your desired length.

Just repeat the process at a regular interval.

Breed style

That is all you have to do. Now you are ready to embrace your new beard style.

2. The Thin Strap

The thin strap beard style comes next to our list of 10 best beard styles for men with less facial hair. This beard style suits best those men who have a very uneven beard in their cheeks. This beard style includes a thin strip of beard along your jawline up to the sideburn.

Shave and clean your face but leave a thin strip of beard along your jawline.

Now take a trimmer and shape your beard into a straight line.

You may trim your mustache to your desired length.

This beard style will give your face a sharper and thinner look. Shape your beard regularly to get a rocking look.

3. Goatee

Some men grow patchy hair in their cheeks but have moderate to good amounts of facial hair in their chin. If you are one of those, then a goatee or a circle beard style is a good choice for your beard to embrace. A goatee is a beard style that only includes your mustache and chin hair which are connected. This type of beard is more compatible with a formal look.

Let your beard grow for some days.

Then trim your beard using a trimmer up to your preferred length.

Now shave the beard from your cheeks. Specify the vertical outline on each side of your mouth.

Shave the beard up to 2 to 3 cm above your Adam’s apple.

Now give an oval shape to your chin beard that connects with the vertical outline.

Then shave and clean your remaining hairs from the neck area.

Finally, trim your beard to your desired length.

Facial goatee

4. Attached To The Chin Strap

In case your cheeks have uneven beards then this beard style may suit you most. In this beard style, your goatee is attached to the chin strap but does not join your mustache. This beard style will make you look more bold and attractive.

Shave and clean the hair from your cheeks leaving a thin strip of beard along your jawline.

Trim your goatee to get your desired style.

If your mustache joins your goatee then make a gap between them.

Now you are all set with your new, stylish beard style. Do not forget to style your beard at a regular interval to get a perfect look.

5. Short Boxed Beard

If the beard on your face is less in volume then you must try a short box beard style. A short box beard is an alternative to a full beard which is groomed with sharp lines. It looks like a box around your jawline. A short boxed beard style suits all kinds of face shapes, and therefore, this beard style becomes one of the most popular beard styles for less hair.

First, use a razor to reduce the height of your cheek lines. Keep your sideburns wide.

Now specify the sloping contours from your sideburns to your cheek lines using a trimmer.

Then make an oval outline 2 to 3 cm below your jawline.

Shave the beard from the remaining portion of your face and neck.

Finally, trim your mustache neatly.

6. Anchor Beard

Anchor beard style is another famous beard style that a man with less facial hair can grow easily. Famous personalities like Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr. were often seen in anchor beard style. This beard style is more suitable for round and triangular faces.

First, shave and clean your cheeks and neck.

Then using a trimmer trim your beard from the area where your neck and chin meet and make a border.

Men beard styles 2016

Now draw the border of your goatee from both sides of your chin.

After that draw the upper edge of your goatee. Now give a triangular shape to the hair between your lips and chin.

Finally, trim your goatee up to your desired length.

If you are trying thisless hair beard style for the first time it might appear complicated. But with time you will be habituated with this attractive beard style.

7. Mutton Chops

Mutton chop beard style is one of the oldest bead styles that are still in style in 2021. Mutton chop beard style will give you an ultimate masculine look, and therefore it makes its entry in our list for 10 best beard styles for men with less facial hair. In this style the beard spreads from sideburns to your cheeks and connects the mustache. Only the chin area is cleanly shaved. If your beard grows in an uneven manner at your chin area then this beard style is appropriate for you.

Do not shave or trim your beard for a month. Let it grow until your mustache connects with your beard.

Shave the hair from your chin area that is between the two corners of your lips and form a triangular shape.

Now trim your beard up to your preferred length.

Shave the excess hair just under your jawline.

Finally, shave and clean the remaining hair from your neck and cheeks.

8. Simple Stubble

If you want to embrace your thin beard with the most attractive beard style, then simple stubble is the best option for you. According to a study, Simple stubble, also known as designer stubble, is the most attractive beard style. Chris Evans, Hugh Jackman, Jason Statham, and many other famous personalities often surprised their audience with stubble beard style. You also can have an attractive stubble beard by following the simple steps given below.
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