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Men’s haircut designs can be elaborate or simple. The head can be a canvas for a portrait of your favorite artist or athlete. Or if you want something just a little bit more subtle, these haircut designs with lines are a cool finishing touch to any haircut. Beard shape up designs.

There are countless ways to wear men’s haircut with lines. The line can be straight, angled, single, double, V-shaped, or arced and that’s only including the looks we’ve seen.

Another element of shaved lines is placement. Anywhere around the sides and back of the head works from the temple to behind the ear to the neckline. Lines are often cut into fades but they are effective in short hair, especially dark hair. Go the next step by continuing a line through an eyebrow or beard.

Last but not least, a shaved line works with any men’s haircut from a trendy crop to a modernpompadour. With an fade or undercut, lines can be part of medium and long hairstyles too. Now check out just a few cool ways to get the look.

Amp up that buzz cut with an arced line stands out against the top of a high a fade and continues through the brow. If you don’t want the hair design to be visible from the front, add a surprise line behind an ear. For even more impact, continue the slash into facial hair, even a full beard.

Best beard style for me

The temple is a natural place to add a hair design. It emphasizes a mid fade as well as this cool textured sweep back, although it suits any hairstyle. A small V-shaped hair design contrasts curly texture and goes against the flow of hair in a cool way.

Here are 5 more ways to wear line hair designs. An arc works with messy spikes. Wear it with or without the eyebrow cut. The line up keeps going into a surgical part all the way to the back of the head. Or get a short angled line on the temple.Double slashes are cool too. Add a V on top or go for a pair of parallel lines. The key is making it work with your hairstyle.

Temple Slash + Eyebrow Cut

This cool diagonal line mirrors the angle of a drop fade at the back.

Low Fade Haircut with Line

This high volume pomp fade has just enough of a fade to add a shaved line at the temple. The straight channel contrasts with arc of the low fade and quiff.

Different shaving styles

Line on Side

The combination of a side part, shaved line, and strip of hair over a skin fade look like three parallel lines. Get the look on both sides of the head or just one.

Spikes + Slash

Spiky hair is back in a big way. The shape of this shave line is similar to the pointed spike but set on an angle.

Line + Eyebrow Cut

Another place to continue a line hair design is in the brow.

Shaved Line + Drop Fade

This arc complements the blur of a high skin fade.

New dadi style

Double Line Haircut

And finally, a hot new trend for 2019, the neckline hair design. This version combines a unique neckline shape with a two slashed for extra punctuation.

Cool Hair Designs

Now that is a bold look, even without the spiky mohawk. Slashes in the hair beard form a triangle shape that is repeated in the shape of shaved behind the ear.
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