Face dadi style. How to Rock A Bushy Beard The Best Way: 20 Ideas

Big bushy beards are hard to maintain neatly because they have a tendency to get jumbled up and look messy. However, with the proper care and handling, your bushy beard can make you look sexy and mesmerizing! Big beard styles.

Keep reading to find out how to keep, grow, maintain and rock a big beard in the right way!

How to Grow a Bushy/Big Beard

Growing a big & bushy beard is actually pretty simple and breaks down to a few factors: the color, thickness, length, and texture of your beard. The darker the color of your beard, the bigger and bushier it will look. The thicker your beard hair, which are primarily determined by your genes, the bigger your beard will look.

To grow a bushy big beard, here are a few tips that will come in handy:

Apply beard oil to your hair to improve the hair quality and thickness

Moisturize the skin on which your hair is growing

Cleanse and comb your beard regularly but don’t over-cleanse

Eat nutritious food that contains vitamins and minerals. These promote healthy beard growth.

How to Groom, Maintain and Care for a Bushy Beard

To groom a big beard properly, first, you need to identify where the cheek and necklines of your beard are. For the cheek line, pass a straight line from your earhole to the tips of your upper lip. Any hair above this line, except for the part that makes up the mustache, should be trimmed or shaved away.

For the neckline, mark a point about 2 cm above your Adam’s apple. Imagine a horizontal line running across that point. That is your neckline and you might want to shave all the hair beneath that to give your bushy big beard a neat look.

Other than that, you need to trim flyaway in order to maintain the structure of your bushy beard. Never stop cleansing your beard and using beard oil!

Watch the following video about How to Groom a Bushy Beard perfectly

How to Tame and Straighten a Big Beard

Taming a big beard isn’t as hard as it seems to be. To tame and straighten a bushy beard, first, you need to cleanse it with a gentle beard cleanser. After that, apply some beard wax and start combing the beard gently. Comb for a while then follows with some beard balm so that your bushy beard gets tamed and settles down.

Popular Bushy Beard Styles

Styling a bushy big beard is relatively easy because you don’t have to worry about bald patches showing up when your beard is bushy. However, make sure that you style your beard according to your facial structure. To help you style your beard, we’ve listed some of the best beard styles and what face structure they suit. So, keep reading to find out how to style a big beard!

1. The One with the Big, Protruding Mustache

Ideal for: Men with a rectangular face structure.

How to style: keep growing your beard and the sides of your mustache till they are long. After that, just style your beard using beard wax or beard balm as shown in the photo above!

The dense beard combined with the bald head sides makes an amazing combination!

How to style: Grow your beard big until it reaches the length shown in the photo above. Then, keep trimming it and grooming it to maintain its shape. Also, don’t forget to groom your mustache as well!

Beard designs

Ideal for: Men with all kinds of face structure including those with a chubby face. This bushy haired big beard becomes the center of attention to the face structure really doesn’t matter.

How to style: Grow your beard till it’s long enough to make a lengthy braid and then when it is, just tie it into a beard and secure with a ponytail at the end. This bushy beard requires a lot of patience because it will take a lot of time for it to grow long!

This curvy and bigger beard looks so sexy!

Ideal for: Men with an oval facial structure.

How to style: To obtain this beard, let your beard hair grow long and then trim them so that the edges of the beard are not sharp but rather soft and smooth. The apex of the beard should be trimmed so that it’s curvy instead of pointed.

5. Bushy Ginger Beard

How to: Keep growing your beard until it’s long and healthy!

This bushy hair beard looks very classy and magnificent!

Ideal for: Men with slender faces and protruding cheekbones.

How to style: Let your beard grow wild and let your hair grow until they’re big enough for you to rock the style shown in the photo above!

7. Long Dark Beard with Undercut

This long and big beard looks amazing!

Ideal for: Men with a rectangular facial structure

How to style: All you have to do is grow your beard until it’s long! Keep trimming from the sides to ensure that its length is greater than its width.

8. The Long Beard With A Side Trim

Ideal for: all types of facial structures

9. Bushy Boxed Beard

Ideal for: Men with a rectangular facial structure

How to: Grow your beard and hair long until you get this look!

10. Big And Wide Beard with Low Fade

If you’re looking for a bushy full beard that’s not only long but wide as well, then this is the one you should go with!

Ideal for: Men with a pointed nose. The face structure doesn’t really matter much because most of it is covered by the beard!

Goatee facial hair

How to style: Just grow your beard till it grows long and wide, then start trimming in order to maintain its shape!

This big beard style makes a wise and bold statement!

Ideal for: Men with a pointed nose and a round head, preferably with a short forehead.

How to style: Just keep growing your beard and shaving your head and you’ll have this look in no time!

12. Tall And Long Beard with Handlebar Mustache

Doesn’t this remind you of Dumbledore from Harry Potter?

Ideal for: Men with an oval facial structure

How to style: Just keep growing your beard and trimming it from the edges so its length is more than its width. Groom your mustache too and keep twisting it and combing it towards the sides.

13. Long Curly Beard with Twisted Mustache

This big and curly beard looks great, especially with that beanie!

How to: Keep growing your beard until it’s this long. Trim your mustache and keep curling it outward to get this look!

This bushy & big beard looks majestic and royal!

How to: Allow your beard to grow and then when it’s long enough, shave the sides of your head and give yourself a flick.

This stunning beard looks divine!

Ideal for: Men with oval facial structures

How to: Just allow your beard to grow and then when it’s long enough, trim from the sides and curl up your mustache!

This bigger beard has a soft and smooth look to it!

Ideal for: Men with slim and slender facial features

How to: Allow the beard to grow until it reaches a certain length then trim it so that the edges are smooth and circular. Trim the mustache and curl it upwards.

Short beard ideas

17. Bulging Amish Beard

This sideway bulging beard looks mature and impressive!

Ideal for: Men with slender and pointed noses.

How to: Grow your beard hair until they’re long enough and then trim to maintain the length!

18. Multiple Braided Viking Beard

This bushy beard gives a very chic and hip look! Beads on beard are the main attraction of this style

Ideal for: all types of facial structures

How to: Grow your beard so that it’s long and then section it into thin braids!

19. Big And Bushy Beard

This beard is big and bushy in its true essence!

Ideal for: All types of facial structures

20. Beard with Double Braids

This longer& bigger beard style gives a hip vibe!

Ideal for: Men with all types of facial structures

How to: just grow your beard until it’s tall enough and then divide it into two braids!

These were some of the top bushy & big beard styles! Try them out on yourself to see which one suits you the most!

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