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Beards give a unique style and shape to an individual. Various types of beards are getting more and more popular with men all across the world. Some men become so used to having a beard that they cannot imagine themselves without it. Apart from giving a unique style and enhancing look, beards offer many benefits as well. It has been observed that having beards gives men a sense of confidence and power. Moreover, beards block harmful sun rays from entering the skin and acts as a natural filter to keep allergens away. Some beard styles.

Versatile, cheap, and adaptable, beards can change a man’s look entirely to how he looks. A few changes in men’s facial hair can give him an altogether different personality. You can find various celebrities who have embedded their unique style with beards in the public’s minds. Inspired by their favorite stars’ look, most of the men wanted to know which beard style will suit their face. Here is some of the best beard style in the year 2020 from which you can choose your favorite one:-

The Goatee

The Goatee beard style has been trendy among intellectuals and rockstars and those with a rebellious and wayward streak. The class takes significantly less effort to maintain. It features hair on the chin and above your lip only. The overall beard style seems very artistic.

Which Face Cut is Suitable for it?

The beard style seems good on angular and slim faces. Also, it can make a round face look slimmer and look great on men with short hair. Men can find it good even with long and messy hair.

How Can You Maintain It?

The Goatee beard style requires precision in its management.

Let your facial hair grow to a length that you feel comfortable with and use a beard trimmer to maintain it. You can use the trimmer’s edging blade and can trim whiskers to make them sit on above your upper lips.

The best place to end your goatee is just beneath your jaw line.

You will need to keep your skin around your clean goatee shave. To do it, you can use a razor or oil or shave gel. These products will help you to create a more defined line.

Goatee beard styles can be defined as pizza toppings, as these are very much versatile.

You will need to do a little experiment with your beards to know which type suits your face the best. You can remove the sidebars to see whether it is looking better on you or not.

Top beard styles 2016

What Experts Say

Take your time while giving yourself a goatee style and do it patiently. Try to shape it when dry as shaping it when wet can cut off too many hairs.


The beard style is classic and timeless and has well-received several celebrities like Adam Levine, David Beckham, and Zac Effron. Getting a stubble beard style is the easiest in all beard styles. Also, it is simple to maintain and suitable for almost all face types.

Which Face Cut is Suitable For it?

The men with baby faces are the most suitable ones for this beard style. It adds a sense of ruggedness and maturity to a man’s look. If you want your weak jaws to look more muscular, then it is a right beard style to choose from. Besides, it can hide most of the imperfections of your face like uneven pigmentation and scars. You will need to keep it trimmed and clean and keep an eye on its length. If it grows too short, it will give others a feeling of overslept. If you keep it too long, then you will look scruffy. For most of the guys, the facial hair growth of three to four days is enough.

How Can You Maintain It?

Stubble beard style requires regular trimming and conditioning.

You will need to keep your beard trimmer on a setting of 3-4 mm to keep the stubble at its optimum length.

Either use a precision attachment or remove the guard for eliminating any hair from your cheeks.

You can contour the stubble style to get the perfect shape according to your face.

Take a face scrub and exfoliate your skin twice a week to minimize the risk of ingrown hairs, which are often painful.

What Experts Say?

Exfoliate your skin to keep it soft and conditioned and moisturize daily, specifically designed to keep your skin smooth and soft.

Beard styles for less facial hair

The Short Beard

The beard style is more understated, versatile, and office-friendly. You can see Jon Hamm, Ryan Reynolds, and George Clooney in this beard style.

Which Face Cut is Suitable For it?

The beard style is suitable for most face shapes. However, you will need to emphasize your angles to make your best features more prominent. If you have a double chin, then the beard style can hide it easily.

How Can You Maintain It?

A decent beard trimmer is essential to take care of this beard style.

Let your beard grow around 1 to 2 cm, and then with the help of an in-built laser guide or an edging blade, get the pinpoint accuracy you want.

Always use a wet razor when it comes to keeping the lower area of your neck clean and removing stray hairs on your cheeks.

Apply a beard oil of good quality to make the look and feel of your beard style the best.

What Experts Say?

If you are sporting a military crop or bald, preventing the beard line jarring towards your ears’ topside will be most suitable.

The Beardstache

In this beard style, men keep their mustache longer and fuller. It can be considered as the hybrid of stubble and full beard styles. Some celebrities with this beard style include Chris Camplin, Jamie Jordan, and Patrick Grant.

Which Face cut is Suitable for it?

However, the beard style is suitable for most of the face cuts, but it will look the best on the men with thick facial hair and wider philtrum.

How to do beard style

How Can You Maintain It?

You can maintain it with a beard trimmer by allowing the hairs to grow around your cheeks and chin at an extendable length of stubble and grow the mustache in such a way so that the sides come to its finish lower than your bottom lip. Use a decent comb to keep the mustache tangle-free.

What Experts Say?

Don’t go too short in this beard style and keep the difference between the two parts significantly less.

Full Beard

Full beard style is quite tough to maintain. However, many guys prefer themselves in a full beard. Whether it is losing weight, skiing, shooting hoops, or learning to drive, a full beard is the rite of passage.

How Can You Maintain It?

Use a beard comb and beard oil to minimize the risk of tangles in your full beard.

Keep it conditioned and glossy by applying some good quality beard oil and shampoo.

Always trim your beard when it is dry and maintain its length by setting your trimmer on low.

What Experts Say?

Keep your full beard smooth with good beard oil and if you are an old guy with grey patches on your beard, use special dye specifically designed for beards.
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