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It took me a long time to learn how to dress for my height. For years I believed that the best jeans for tall women were ones that could be shoved into boots to conceal how short they were, lest one’s exposed ankles succumb to frostbite—or worse, ridicule! Best small beard styles.

At 5 feet 11, I’ve always towered over my friends, and by my mid-20s, I’d accepted my destiny as someone whose jeans would always be just a tiny bit too short. Tailoring each and every pair of pants I purchased felt time-consuming and financially irresponsible. Instead I had resigned myself to a life of pulling awkwardly at my clothes, convincing myself I could pass off full-length trousers as cropped and forgoing heels in an effort to keep my hems as close to the ground as possible.

But even as I made peace with what I considered a cruel twist of genetic fate, I wondered why women’s sizing is much less straightforward than men’s. Their process just seems so simple: waist, inseam, voilà! A perfect fit. After years of watching the men in my life purchase jeans without even bothering to try them on, I figured it couldn’t hurt to start approaching women’s pants the way men approached theirs: by shopping—and searching—strictly by inseam.

It may not seem all that revolutionary, but by moving my denim search entirely online (goodbye, dressing room shame spiral) and paying closer attention to inseams before ordering, I was able to find denim that actually fit. I quickly learned which inseams would work for me, where they would hit, and that pants from retailers that don’t specify an inseam will almost always be too short. After years—nay, decades!—of walking around with freezing-cold ankles, I discovered it’s absolutely possible for tall women to find a perfect fit without visiting a tailor. You just have to know what to look for. Ahead, five pairs of the best jeans for tall women.

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Agolde 90’s Pinch-Waist Jeans

Before I made inseam stalking my part-time job, I nearly swore off Agolde denim after inadvertently ordering a pair of its jeans with a measly 26-inch inseam. With three and a half more inches to spare, however, this vintage-inspired pair is an honest to goodness game changer for tall women on the hunt for wear-everywhere jeans.

Everlane The Cheeky Straight Jeans

With a 30.5-inch inseam, these tall mom jeans hit my ankles exactly where they’re supposed to. They’re also the only white jeans I’ve ever worn without feeling completely self-conscious, which, as many women can attest, is a feat unto itself. Here’s hoping Everlane introduces tall sizing for all of its pants and not just a select few pairs.

Ganni Classic Denim Slit Pants

Note that these jeans, sold in two lengths, have zero stretch. So if you were thinking about sizing down, definitely don’t (take it from someone who learned the hard way). But now that I finally have my hands on the correct size, they are a staple in my denim rotation.

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Veronica Beard Crosbie High-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans

It took me a long time to come around to the return of boot-cut denim, as I just couldn’t shake its lingering association with the early aughts. But with higher waistlines and the right inseam, I’m learning that boot-cut jeans need not always remind me of middle school.

Madewell Tall 10-Inch High-Rise Skinny Jeans

If you’re above 5 feet 9, you’re no doubt already familiar with Madewell’s tall and taller sections. With dozens of styles available in not one but two additional lengths, the brand’s comfortable and consistently sized selection is a go-to for tall women. I’ve been buying versions of these skinny jeans for years—and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

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