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A beard will keep your face protected and warm from the harsh frosty winters, but it doesn’t have to be just a beard! Your beard can be stylish at the same time. Looking for beard style inspiration for the winter? Here are 6 trending Winter beard styles Corporate beard styles.

The Lumber Jack

Obviously this style is the most popular of styles for the freezing months here in Canada. To achieve this husky meets sexy look, work on a subtle fade for those sideburns while also keeping your sideburns trimmed and short in order to make your beard stand out. Once achieved, you’ll have a well-shaped, refined yet ferocious look that’ll warm you and your lady (or man) up! Also, don’t forget to use a daily beard wash. This will prevent your Lumber Jack from drying or itching. This is essential in your beard care.

The Corporate

The corporate beard is a popular one that is a safe beard style for all! Grow your beard a little longer than usual, similar to the Lumberjack it also requires you to fade the sideburns allowing flow into the rest of your beard. The difference with this style is the Boss has sharper angles and a wider base. Use a premium beard oil and or balm to help dominate this shape and look.

The Hipster

The trendsetting beards of all beards, the beard that has been dominating today’s young and old. The Hipster beard is a very polished and classic look, while also being considered edgy. The Hipster is pared well with a slick, modern coif-style haircut and most of the time a moustache. Grow your beard long while trimming along the way to make sure the ends are of equal length. To keep a longer beard soft and manageable, you'll need to use a premium beard wash, balm or oil. And don’t ignore your moustache! Use a good quality moustache wax for shaping while adding shine. This style of beard has even the slickest city guy looking like a lumberjack.

Chin beard designs

The Viking

What screams Winter Beard Style? The Viking! Known for their battles and beards no one looks quite as brave and strong in a blizzard as a Viking, which is why you’ll want to stop shaving now and let your beard go! The Viking will take some time and patience as it requires you to grow your beard as long as it will go. A premium beard oil will speed up the growth of your new beard while keeping it hydrated. Once the Viking is at its desired length you have the freedom to braid, twist, tie, etc. Tip: use a beard balm to help shape and hold your Viking. Find your inner warrior!

The Wild One

Just got back from a long camping trip and are kind of digging your wild like beard? No need to shave!!! The Wild One is not just a crumb catcher anymore, now it’s a savage style if treated well. It’s the freedom of not shaving as you grow your beard to its fullest. But you also need to care and tame your beast with the best premium beard care products.

Circle Beard

AKA the “standard” beard, the circle beard is a combination of rounded goatee beard styles and moustache. Circle beards are tidy looking, thus, making it a good option for men who would like to look presentable without letting go of their beards. This look is best suited on oval and round shaped faces.

New hair style and beard style

Make sure that you have grown a reasonable amount of hair to avoid over trimming or shaving. It would be best to visit a salon to achieve the perfect circle shape as it can be a bit tricky. As soon as you have acquired the right look, you can do the usual trimming and shaving on your own.

Mutton Chops

We are thanking The Wolverine for this one.Mutton chops are also referred to as the sideburns or side whiskers.

Let your sideburns and mustache grow until they meet. Shave the hair on your chin up to the lower lip area. Keep your sideburns growing until they become fluffy and full, allowing them to extend down the sides of the cheeks to the corners of the face without any connection to either the chin hair or mustache.

Best goatee styles 2016

Mutton Chops come in many different styles – Lamb Chops, “Friendly” mutton chops, Mutton chops with no goatee. Do your research before you opt for the chop!
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