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When it comes to keeping a beard in a professional setting, beards have often gotten a bad rap. Professional looking beard styles.

People might protest that beards are scraggly, make a person look unkempt, or are – for some reason or another – simply inappropriate to possess as a professional.

Although policies may vary depending on your employer, these uneducated beliefs about beards are largely obsolete.

A number of stylish bearded men in mainstream media and beyond have proven that a person can have a beard and still sufficiently project a professional image.

While some beards that are not properly attended to may indeed grow scraggly or appear unkempt, this is certainly not true of all bearded individuals.

Read on to learn some tips about how to grow a classy beard, how to maintain it, as well as some popular beard styles that you can choose from according to what style may best suit your face shape.

Growing a Classy Beard

Growing your safe-for-work (SFW) beard has become easier than ever as professional bearded men have opened up about their own experiences and shared tips.

One hugely reassuring fact for many bearded individuals is that growing a professional beard does not have to suppress your personal style.

Different types of beard styles

Luckily, with the many popular beard styles circulating in professional settings, there is a large selection of tidy looks you can choose from that can also appease your personal style preferences.

However, in the interest of knowing how to maintain a tidy beard in your workplace, here are a couple general tips:

Set a beard length goal – If you are currently beardless, or otherwise do not have your beard at the length you desire, setting a goal for length can help you determine what you will need to do in order to maintain a tidy appearance during the growth process.

Keep an eye out on your beard during the growth process – Patience is essential when growing a beard. However, don’t let impatience for your desired length or thickness deter you from trimming appropriately. While it may seem counterintuitive to trim your beard during growth, trimming actually can help keep your beard hair healthy, encouraging it to maintain a steady growth rate. To trim a beard shows initiative that you’re willing to keep it professional.

Maintaining a Professional Beard

The question of how to shape a beard is one that is common among professionals looking to optimize the classiness of their beards.

Certainly, there are expectations within a professional setting that differ from the kind of beard style you may be able to don in your own time.

No matter where you work, though, it may be in your best interest to maintain a professional beard that would work in any work setting. Wear your beard as a symbol of pride.

Different beard trimming styles

Some general tips for maintaining a classy beard include:

Perform regular maintenance trims – Whether or not you’ve reached your desired beard length, regular maintenance is essential to keeping your beard tidy for work. You can also use a quality shaping tool to emulate your desired professional style.

Comb it out – This goes right alongside regular trims. Grab your trusted beard comb and slowly comb it out – down and out – on the regular.

Condition – Conditioning your beard not only helps relieve any beard itch you may be experiencing. It also helps to keep your beard easier to comb, trim, and helps it to maintain a favorable texture and appearance. A conditioned beard cannot be mistaken for an unkempt beard!

Picking the Right Professional Beard Style For You

Whether you have a long, short, thick, or tame beard – there are a number of classy beard styles that you can don at work without appearing unprofessional.

One consideration you may want to keep in mind when choosing your professional beard style, however, is face shape.

Different face shapes often call for different beards, and when you’re trying to keep your look classy, paying attention to these distinctions may be more important than ever.

Beard styles and trimming

For square faces: Square faces are best suited by beards that are fuller on the chin, but run shorter at the sides. You will want the chin area to be triangular or rounded, and stay away from beards that have sharp lines or right angles, as this may exaggerate your facial shape in an unflattering way.

For round faces: If you have a round face, a triangular-shaped beard that is longer towards the chin may be your best bet at finding a flattering style. Stay away from the bushier beards that will liken your head to a watermelon or bowling ball. To keep it looking professional, keep it shorter on the cheeks as well.

For oval faces: If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re in luck! Most beard styles will look flattering with your face shape, so as long as you properly trim and maintain whatever style you choose, your professional beard will likely suit your face shape well.

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