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Professional Beard Styles For Men Who Want To Look Well Groomed

No matter what type of beard you’d like to sport at the office, it’s important that it looks well groomed. So, for the most part, we’ll be covering beard styles that are easier to maintain. What are some professional beard styles that are easy to keep up with? Professional looking beard styles.

Stubble or a short beard

In order to maintain this type of beard style, you’ll have to trim it often. Make sure you’re keeping the neckline and cheek line clean cut. And you’ll have to use a trimmer set to a lower setting to keep it from growing any longer.

Start off with a nice pair of trimmers to keep your beard looking awesome.

Professional beard styles – Longer beards

This one can be tough to get in a professional setting. If you have a beard that’s a little more patchy, you might have to rock the stubble or very short beard look for a long time until you get even growth everywhere.

Once again, with a full beard, you’ll need to keep it looking well groomed to be able to keep it. You can have any beard style you’d like just so long as it looks tidy and clean. So how do I keep it that way?

Nice looking beard styles

Trim it. Just like with stubble or a short beard, keep the neck and cheek lines trimmed and looking clean. You’ll also need to trim using a good pair of scissors to keep those extra hairs down. Especially the sides. Keeping the sideburns trimmed down gives a more clean-cut look.

Keep up with the mustache. A great looking mustache can make a beard look so much better.

Use beard oil. Beard oil is going to keep your beard looking clean and healthy instead of dry and flaky. It’ll make your beard soft and easier to manage which is very important for styling!

Use beard balm. Beard balm is just like beard oil but, it tends to be much better for styling purposes. That’s because it has beeswax in it. A natural ingredient that helps hold those wild hairs down. A great tool to keep a tidy looking beard.

New short beard style

A beard comb is essential. Just like beard balm, a beard comb is going to be an awesome styling tool. Perhaps even the best one. It will help you untangle the beard, clean it, and keep it looking smooth. A beard comb is also very small. So you can take it with you to the office if you need to touch up the beard while you’re at work.

Put extra effort into the way you dress. This may seem a little silly but, it can go a long way in maintaining that professional look. Chances are if the rest of you looks very professional, it’ll help you keep that beard looking professional too.

Keep a clean haircut. Similar to dressing well, a clean haircut will add to the impression that you’re well groomed and that helps with keeping the beard in the office.

Start growing it while you’re out of the office. The first few weeks can be a little rough looking. Especially for those of us that go through a patchy beard phase. Start growing the beard while you’re on vacation or before you get that new job

Styling your beard

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