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Today to meet bearded on the street is not uncommon, because facial hair looks amazing at any time and in any weather. It would seem that any hairstyle for men with beard will do, because a beard is already an ornament for every man, but this is not always the case. Of course, having a beard, you will stand out among the passers-by on the street, but if you want to look irresistible - we advise you to turn to professionals who will be prompted to you cool mens haircuts with beards. Also, the benefit of this idea is that a competent specialist will select a haircut and beard shape based on your appearance so that mens haircut with beard will look harmonious and modern. Cool mens beards.

In today's article, Rafael’s Barbershop will tell you about the 3 most popular hairstyle for men with beard!

The coolest hairstyles with beard 2019

Before you opt for one of the hairstyle for men with beard, ask yourself the questions: “Can I keep it in proper condition every day?”, “Will I find a couple of minutes in the morning to put my hairstyle with beard in order? “Next, think about what haircut is right for your face shape. If you have any difficulties - contact a professional.

And now let's move on to the TOP-3 mens haircuts with beards:

Good facial hair styles

Smooth-shaven head. Recently, such a bold combination of hairstyle with beard is gaining popularity among men of different ages. And this is not surprising, because it emphasizes the courage and wisdom of its owner, and all this is also very easy to care for. And it also emphasizes the eyes, cheekbones and hides flaws in the chin area, if any. But the beard in the form of an anchor will have to be abandoned if you decide to combine this hairstyle with beard.

Undercut. This is a classic. Many first stylish bearded guys worn this particular hairstyle with beard. She looks great with virtually any form of beard, but it requires a good and competent care. Be warned: holders of elongated thin face should pay attention to other hairstyle for men with beard, as shaved temples will only emphasize the elongated shape.

Top-Knot. Thanks to the efforts of barbers and stylists, the old haircut has gained a new, modern look. This is a wonderful hairstyle for men with beard, which will emphasize the impeccable taste and creative nature of its owner. Such mens haircuts with beards are suitable for those who have a round or oval face. But there is one condition - compliant hair. If the hair is curly and difficult to style, hairstyle will require straightening.

Easy beard styles

Quality mens haircuts with beards

And of course, the most important rule: keep the balance - the longer and thicker the beard - the less hair should be on the head. This is a classic option, although Rafael’s Barbershop believes that the main thing is a sense of proportion and competent barber actions.

Also, for an attractive appearance, do not forget about products - they must be of high quality and proven (by you or someone you trust) and you will have stylish mens haircut with beard.
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