Top 10 beard styles 2016. The 5 Steps For Correctly Growing (and Maintaining) a Goatee, Smoky Mountain Beard Co.

So, you’re thinking about growing a goatee, are you? Fantastic choice sir, you will be joining an elite club of men ; because —sadly not all men can grow a goatee. However, there are some serious things you will need to consider before embarking on your journey and things you’ll need to do to maintain your goatee. Goatee with short beard.

Here are five steps to growing and maintaining a goatee.

Believe it or not growing out your facial hair will have a profound influence on your day to day life. It will change the way people perceive you, people tend to see men with facial hair as being more aggressive and masculine. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether that’s a positive. Another thing to note, your spouse or significant other may hate it! There is a long list of things that may become off limits or not as welcome as they used to be. Have the talk with them before you embark on the adventure. Finally, for your job, you should have an idea if facial hair is viewed as unprofessional in your line of work.

2. Pick a style that fits your face structure and hair growth patterns.

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Most men do not have the strong jawline, strong chin or sculpted cheekbones. We usually have one but not another. Many of us may be able to grow thick hair on the chin but have weak growth on our cheeks or upper lip. I would recommend comparing the shape of your face with men in magazines or images on the internet to decide what is going to look best on you. If you have a round face or short chin a goatee can really help fill out the overall length. If your mustache does not connect well with the rest of the hair you should really consider different styles that play to your hair growth strengths, consider growing out a villainous Musketeer.

Experience the freedom of not shaving and not giving a hoot what anybody thinks. You're going to be itchy for the first week or so be prepared with Beard Oil. You're going to get a lot of dumb questions from people —so be prepared. Do not shave any part of your face, let it go wild so you can study the growth patterns. Most men are going to have some stray hairs here and there and or some uneven patches. Overall, this period will help you decide on a style.

Your goatee is a part of you, choose a style that fits your face and infuse it with your personality and make sure it looks good. Obtain a quality Grooming Kit. If you choose a style that requires some razor work, then make sure you provide yourself the proper amount of time per day. Always check for ingrown hairs or hairs that are too long or wild throwing off your intended shape. Messy Goatees don’t look good.

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5. Proper hygiene requires the right products.

Just like the hair on your head you need to clean and moisturize the hair and the skin beneath. Invest in quality oils or balms and apply them daily. Otherwise, you may have dead skin flakes in your facial hair (this is gross, and people will notice). Also, you could begin to leave loose hairs everywhere like a pet. You’ll constantly be scratching, these are things easily avoided. Come up with a good process for washing your face, drying and moisturizing. You want your goatee to have a sheen and look healthy.

Experiment and share your knowledge with other men, for without the sharing of manly secrets many of us would be baby-faced and constantly carded for our beer.

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