Different types of facial hair styles. 9 men s grooming trends on the rise this year

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According to Pinterest, men are increasingly going online to find inspiration for their daily routines.

Pinterest used to be seen as something of a ladies’ domain, where brides-to-be compiled endless photos of wedding decor ideas and make-up mavens swapped tips and tricks.

Not any more. The social site, which recently passed the milestone of 400 million monthly active users, has reported a 50% year on year increase of male users, and says men are increasingly using the platform to find hair, grooming and skincare inspiration.

By analysing search data, the Pinterest Future of Beauty Report 2020 has identified what men are interested in now – and it’s not surprising that the coronavirus pandemic has been particularly influential this year.

Here are nine male grooming trends proving popular in 2020…

While many of us were queuing as soon as hairdressers reopened in July, clamouring to have our lockdown strands shorn off, evidently some guys weren’t so keen to go for the chop.

Cool moustache and beard styles

There were 25 times as many searches for ‘long hairstyles for men’ in June 2020 compared to the same month in 2019 as hirsute dudes sought styles to suit their new longer locks.

Similarly, men who discovered that they liked their curly grown-out hair have been looking for ideas on how to style it – there were 19 times more searches for ‘curly hairstyles’ than last year.

Men and women of all ages have reported a variety of skin problems during lockdown, from dryness to ‘maskne’ – spots caused by wearing a face covering.

Nowadays, men aren’t content with pinching their partner’s beauty products and they want to find their own solutions: there were nine times as many searches for ‘healthy skin care’ this June compared to 2019.

Personalised beauty was one of the biggest overarching trends in the Pinterest report as consumers move away from a ‘one style fits all’ approach to looking good.

At the same time, people of colour have been embracing their natural hair and looking for flattering styles: there were 7.7 times as many searches for ‘Afro hairstyles men’ versus last year.

Facial style

Some of the world’s most famous beauty influencers are men and they’re credited with making make-up more accessible for male consumers.

With seven times as many searches for ‘creative make-up looks’ this June compared to 2019, it seems men are taking inspiration from YouTube stars such as James Charles and Jeffree Star.

Fade haircuts – those that ‘fade’ gradually into the skin – have been fashionable for a while now, but in 2020 we’re seeing longer styles coming to the fore. There were six time as many searches for ‘long hair fade’ as men embrace the growing trend.

Some men chose to ditch their razors during lockdown and embrace the lumberjack look.

Now, with 3.9 times as many searches for ‘black men beard styles’ compared to this time last year, it looks like guys are ready to sharpen up their look.

Likewise, men who stopped shaving during lockdown are now looking for the most flattering way to wear their salt and pepper stubble, with three times as many searches for ‘grey beards’ recorded this June versus last year.

How to style short beard

So you’ve decided you want to improve your complexion. What next?

That’s the question a lot of guys were looking to answer this year, with twice as many searches for ‘men skincare routine’ this year compared to 2019.

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