Hairstyles with goatee. Beard Length: Short, Medium Long Beard Styles 2016

You decided to grow a beard but have no idea where to start? You already have a slight stubble, which is far from being neat and you don’t know what to do next? We will give you some tips on how to choose the proper beard length in accordance with your face type. Remember, that the type of face you have is very important to the beard choice. Facial styles 2016.

If your face is heart-shaped, then you need to visually widen the lower part of it, so the chin looks larger. You can try a short square, horseshoe-shaped or a slightly rounded beard.

Men with round faces should go for a beard from temple to temple or for trapezoidal shape. They should add a short mustache. This will allow the face to appear elongated. Such men can easily go for long beards. “Mutton chops” sideburns should be avoided.

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If your face is oblong, then you can go for a short horseshoe beard or just the sideburns. Your main goal is to visually widen your face. Never go for a goatee or Van Dyke beard. They make the face look longer.

If your face shape is oval, you got lucky. You can experiment with any length and type. Forget about limits! Any beard will suit your oval face.

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When you just start growing a beard, we recommend that you grow it for a month or two without doing anything about the length or the shape. Obviously, not every man has such an option, since most of us have an office job. Most of the men, regardless their face shape, look good with a beard, which is not more than half an inch to an inch (1-2 cm) long. Neck should always be shaved, while cheek shaving is optional.

When you are choosing a beard, make sure to consider your height and hair color. Tall men will look good with fluffy and voluminous beards, while shorter men should opt for minimalist facial hair growth. If your skin is light and hair is dark, then go for a short beard and make sure to shave the cheeks. Light haired men can go for a wide beard. Once you consider all the recommendations, don’t forget about individual qualities and wishes. Only you can choose which beard to create and what kind of statement you want to make with it. Listen to your heart!

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