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One cannot but agree with the fact that the beard has long captivated the world and the hearts of millions of men. But there is no limit to perfection, so bearded men always want to make their facial hair even better and more beautiful. The most popular way to care for a beard is to use quality products and regularly visit barbershop. But in the men's arsenal there is another trick - beard accessories. Original and unusual beard accessories are able to distinguish you among passers-by and focus the attention of others only on you. Therefore, in today's article we will talk about the types of beard accessories and how to wear them correctly. Types of men's beards.

Types of accessories for men's beards

In the arsenal of modern men there are several types of beard accessories, each of which has its own advantages. But it is worth noting the fact that not every accessory that looks cool on your buddy will look just as impressive on your own beard. To find out which beard accessories are right for you - take a look at the list below:

Viking beard beads. Originally used by Scandinavian warriors to braid their thick beards during the battle. Viking beard beads give brutality and a certain audacity to the image.

Beard ties. Beard tie must coincide with the shade of the beard. Often used as a fixer hairstyles on the beard. But some dudes wear beard ties with stones and ornaments in order to highlight their beard.

Types of mustaches and beards

Barrettes. In addition to its main function - to fix the hair on the face, hairpins have become a bright decoration. These beard accessories come in the form of a skull, anchor, crystal, etc.

Clips. These accessories for men's beards can be worn in any quantity and location, but in order to keep them tight on the hair, you need to use cosmetics.

Tapes. They help to add a volume to beard, while it is important to choose the right color and material of such beard accessories so as not to look ridiculous. Bold and eccentric men prefer to weave bright motley thin ribbon to look more original.

Beast beard styles

In conclusion, we want to remind you that the main thing is to know the measure in everything and follow the advice of your barber. You can use different beard accessories, combine them with each other, but maintain a calm, confident masculine style. Do not overload your look with a mass of bright and shiny elements.

We know how to properly wear beard accessories

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