Beard styles and names. 45 Cool Beard Styles for Men to Be the “God Of Manliness”

Without any doubt, we can say that beards are still a huge trend amongst guys and as time passes on…men’s passion towards beard is going one step ahead every time. Do you really understand? Beards give you smart and elegant look only if you know how to grow and style them. Cool beard styles for men will surely add oomph to your looks and will inspire those who are thinking of growing or styling their beard in a unique way. Beard style of 2016.

Go through these amazing facial hair styles one by one!

Want to look presentable in a full beard? You can definitely opt for Balbo beard style. For best results, make sure you have ample hair for shaping and you also need to grow a mustache with it. Guys! Use good razors (probably the straight one) and be very careful while sculpting. Men with narrow chin look dashing in this beard style!

Van dyke is among Cool Beard Styles for Men these days! Though, this look is not supported by everyone, still one must not miss this in the coming year. It’s popular as ‘French beard’ style as it’s in trend from past so many years in France. This beard style is perfect for parties. Van dyke is oval in shape and a mixture of goatee and a moustache, with a much delicate precision.

Beast beard styles

Are you among those who don’t want to grow in a full beard? V-shaped stubble look is for you which require general prepping. In order to achieve this, it’s prescribed to trim for 2-3 days regularly to avoid growing it into a full beard. Well, you need to pay close attention towards your facial hair growth!

It’s great to try if you’re looking for more carefree look. Guys! Don’t get confused, it’s different from the full beard as you are taking off the hair on the sideburns. To achieve this style, make sure that you have grown medium stubble before shaping your beard. Later, clean up the outline of the beard by creating straight and smooth lines along with cheek bones.

Well, if you don’t want to say bye to your short stubble, then you have to say hello to short tapered as one of the Cool Beard Styles for Men! This look is perfect for men who have round faces because the chin looks elongated by the beard and not cut off by the sideburns. It looks CLASSY, yes!

Beard style names

Do not have ample time to keep your beard look perfect? ‘Little Fuzz’ featuring a short beard is the right choice for you…yeah! For better results, allow your short beard to grow little bit or you can even trim the beard down so that it is short, but not much close to the skin.

To look outstanding, men must not miss this latest beard style! This Cool Beard Styles for Men is easy to achieve and you would be surprised to know that men in friendly mutton chops are loved by women to an unbelievable extent. To maintain this look, let your sideburns and mustache grow until they meet. Later, shave the hair of your chin until the low lip area.

By now, we hope it’s clear to you that men’s fashion is not only limited to wearing stylish outfits and latest accessories to stay updated in terms of fashion, maintaining good beard also seems to be a symbol of ‘Manliness.’ After all, fashion is all about expressing one individual’s identity in an effective way. We simply wish that you may successfully found what you want in the coming year with the help of our list of cool beard styles for men.

New beard style for men
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