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Fashions come, and fashions go, but one thing that remains the same is the fact that beards are a classic style staple, whether they make the news for being a hipster or not. Long, short or goatee – the beard comes in many guises, but your beard is not the whole story. How you style your hair can influence the success of your beard, and not every combination equals triumph in the style stakes. Cool beards.

Finding the right beard shape to suit your hair can be tricky. There are so many influences and styles to choose from, that recognizing which one is best for you can be mind-boggling. The key is to commit to one type of beard length, so either have a neatly trimmed shorter beard or go for a longer, more textured beard, don’t get caught in No Man’s Land! For those seeking the best recipe for hair vs. beard, here’s a guide to the coolest styles for your hair length.

If you have short hair, you have the prime platform for a large and natural beard to be showcased.

However, your beard is your dominant feature, and so you need to keep on top of maintaining and grooming it to keep it neat. Da'Dude Da'Beard Oil uses natural oils to nourish your beard keeping it soft and keeps the skin underneath from becoming dry and flaky.

Best simple beard styles

For chaps that are office bound and limited by corporate regulations, you can still sport a beard albeit a smaller and more groomed one, although a short beard is only effective if you have even facial growth. Short back and sides, with a textured style can perfect your business look. Style your hair with long-lasting wax to ensure that you remain groomed all day long.

Medium length hair can carry any length of beard, although proportion needs to be considered. If you favor a high pompadour hairstyle, your beard can help to balance the height. Think about how your beard can help balance your facial symmetry.

A good rule of thumb in this instance is that the length of your beard should replicate the height of your hairstyle – whether you have a top knot or pompadour, use products to keep the texture and style buoyant.

Goatee styles 2016

A beard undoubtedly changes the shape of your face and can be a godsend for those who are lacking in the chin department. However, the way that long beards can elongate the face can be detrimental to your look if you have long hair. As your mane is already your prominent feature, your beard needs to complement it, rather than detract from it.

Whether you choose to have a shorter trimmed beard or a longer but a well-maintained beard, you should focus on styling your head hair as that will be the first point of interest. Use products that will give you the look you want - Da'Hair Spray will keep your style in place so that you can maintain your groomed look. Knowing about when to stop increasing your beard’s length is almost as important as the decision to grow one! Your ability to grow a beard may dictate the length that you can achieve. With careful maintenance and care, your beard can become a great asset to your overall look and style.

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