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What is a goatee? Basically, a style of facial hair that is exclusively grown on the chin, while leaving the cheeks bare. It is a popular style choice for a diverse group of people. Guys in general seem to gravitate to goatee styles because they are a solid look regardless of the style you choose. Although knowing the proper way to shave and maintain a goatee makes a huge difference in keeping the overall looking clean and “tight”. Best looking goatee styles.

You are going to need some tools to get that goatee looking clean and tight.

Goatee Styles

There are many names for the following styles, depending on geographical region, or local nomenclature, but the general look of the style is what we are looking to illustrate. So, without any further ado…The 6 most popular goatee styles.

By definition the pure goatee is a small chin beard under your lip with no mustache and a shaved jawline.

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This is the style most people think of when they think goatee. This style is defined by a circular beard where the hair of the mustache continues down the side of the mouth and joins the chin beard. A classic/Full goatee extends only as wide as the outer edge of the mouth and is the most popular of goatee styles.

Similar to the full or classic goatee, except the goatee is aggressively trimmed back in all areas to a thin mustache and chin beard.

A landing strip goatee has no mustache and the chin hair is shaved off except for the area directly below the mouth. Also commonly known as a soul patch.

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Similar to a full goatee style, the Van Dyke is great for those men who struggle growing a full chin beard or who have a patchy beard. It consists of a combo of a landing strip, mustache and chin goatee, but with none of the element being connected.

Basically, a longer version of the Van Dyke. Facial hair below the mouth is allowed to grow down lower and closer to the sideburns.

Like your hairstyle, your facial hair style should complement your face and personality. Men with slim, angular faces are great candidates for a goatee. Men with this face shape though, should not let their goatee grow too long as it can make your face look too skinny. Men with round faces can use a goatee to slim out their face as well. The goatee is sort of the “Little Black Dress” of the facial hair world. It just fits and looks good no matter your face shape.

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Want to know which hair styles compliment your beard? This article can help:
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