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Black men beard styles – Black men nowadays more often choose to grow and wear a beard and goatee. They are frequently seen in films, TV, fashion shows and of course on the work floor. Beards have now been accepted as fashion statements and are therefore represented in all layers of society. But no matter what the rest of the country does with their facial hair, a beard is something personal. Because what can be good for one person can be very different for you. This is a way to show your character and personality to the people around you. But not all goatees are the same. Some goatee types are better suited to you as a person. This guide is meant to show you the trendiest goatee styles with which you can make a good appearance in 2018. Men's beard and goatee styles.

Here are some of the best Black men Beard Styles

Black men goatee style – Great looking black men beard styles

The goatee is a type of beard that is worn on the chin and the hairline starts just below the lower lip. The goatee is normally just as wide as the corners of the mouth and the hairs on the chin run in equal length in the hair under the lip. The sides can be defined as desired.

Maintain: both the neckline and cheeks must be completely shaved to allow the fine lines of the mustache and goatee to come forward. Cut the chin patch where necessary to keep the typical shape. Face types: oval, square, oblong.

Black man Uniform beard

The uniform beard has one uniform length, hence the name. It is a neat, well-groomed beard that is perfect for the young professional and measures approximately 5 centimeters in length. The mustache has to run over into the beard and therefore has the same length so that no difference is visible. Maintain: always trim the mustache and beard growth to the same length.

Extended Sik / Hollywoodian style

The extended goatee / goatee is a combination of a goatee and a mustache. Where the regular goatee has the width of the corners of the mouth, the extended goatee continues on the jaw line. The difference with a full beard is that the extended goatee does not continue / overflows to / in the sideburns. You can grow the extended goatee from a long stubble beard. In this way you can already experiment with how this beard style will be about. Maintain: both the neckline and cheeks must be completely shaved to allow the fine lines of the mustache and goatee to come forward.

Black men Round beard style

The round beard is a modest beard style, meant for men who want to look good on others and want to wear a beard in a professional working environment. There is no proliferation, but rather well-kept and tight facial hair. The round beard naturally owes its name to its shape and combines a mustache with a round goatee, which together creates a round shape. The reason that the round beard is popular is because this model is easy to maintain. As long as the typical round shape is recognizable and the length is short, the beard is acceptable. The round beard is made especially popular by Walter White from the hit series Breaking Bad and therefore proves that it is a good choice for men who aspire to a bald look.

Beard styles for long beards

Black men classic beard style

Full beard is considered a transition from boy to man and after a successful growth period you suddenly look completely different against other men with beards. The full beard grow is not possible for every man to reach. Genes play with or against certain measures. In any case, it is a beard that you have to try to grow successfully in 2018. The full beard has a distinctive shape. It is a beard style that naturally grows from the hairline on the cheeks. This hairline is too high for some men and can therefore hinder the appearance.

Black men Fors and full style

The only beard style that suits every face type. This style remains popular among Black men beard styles: a thick and full beard. The sideburns go neatly into the beard growth on the cheeks and the length of the beard is the same everywhere, except on the chin. The chin has a small goatee where the hairs are cut just a bit longer and rounded in style. The mustache is neatly trimmed around the corners of the mouth.

Beckham beard

Althoguh he isn’t black, beckham beard will fit great for Black men beard styles.

Grow your beard hairs and use beard balm to apply any form. Trim the sideburns so that they have the same length as the beard. With this look, the neckline is not shaved. The mustache can grow independently of the beard and therefore does not necessarily have to run over. Maintain: do not smooth the neckline. Trim the area around the chin so that the chin patch is visible.

Face types: elongated, diamond, square.

New hair and beard styles 2016


Another great beard that will be great as one of black men beard styles.

The Garibaldi beard style is often worn by men who want to radiate an unabashed look.

It is a wide and full beard with a round bottom, connected with a mustache and gives an impressive impression. This type of beard takes a lot of time and effort to grow successfully because of the length, namely at least 10 centimeters. The mustache is neatly maintained and runs into the beard, where the beard growth on the cheeks, chin and jaw line is released so that it gets a natural, turbulent appearance.


Eric had a strong urge to grow a big beard but was thwarted in the workplace. Eventually he decided to start his job and start Beardbrand, where he made the Bandholz beard popular. The Bandholz beard has a natural look because the beard is meant to grow longer than 20 centimeters. Furthermore, the beard is connected with a mustache. The intention is to grow the beard growth unhindered to preserve the natural look.

If you got until here, and you want to choose one of these great beard styles for black men, you can look at Beard Growth for Black Man Tips. Beard on!

Cool mustache and beard styles
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