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The buzz cut is one of the stylish short haircuts for men. It is also known as military haircut by many people. Although a simple hairstyle, it is an impressive and masculine haircut with a fresh, clean, and sexy look. Less is more. Professional looking beard styles.

The buzz cut is a hairstyle that has become widespread among men after the first manual hair clippers started to be used. Because it was possible to cut the hair close and fast with these hair clippers.

Also, there are many features that increase the popularity of this style. First of all, it has a clean and tidy look. In addition, it is a low-maintenance hairstyle.

Besides, due to the hair is cropped quite short, these hairstyle alternatives can make the face look more defined and the facial features become clearer.

What Is The Buzz Cut?

A buzz cut is a short men’s haircut that is obtained by cutting the entire hair quite short with a hair clipper. Buzzcut is the father of other trendy short hairstyles such as the crew cut, flat top, and butch cut.

The initial buzz cut variations were generally uniform and extravagantly short. However, the original cut has changed now, due to the diversity and new hairstyles trend. Barbers can create different short hairstyles by tapering the back and sides in short, semi-short, or medium.

Is A Buzz Cut Suitable For Me?

Fortunately, the buzz cut is suitable for any face shape, hair color, and hair type. However, it is important to choose a version that best matches your physical features in order to have a good appearance.

Even the difference in head structures causes the same haircut to look different from person to person. Therefore, we advise you to seek help from a professional barber for an accurate haircut.

New beard shape

Since this haircut will clearly reveal all the flaws in your head, you need to think carefully before you cut your hair. If you have large bumps or scars on your head, it may beneficial to avoid buzz cut.

This haircut is ideal for men with fine hair or receding hairline. It hides these weaknesses of the hair and makes your appearance better.

How To Get A Buzz Cut?

There are two options to get a buzz cut. You can visit a reliable barbershop or you can cut it yourself in the comfort of your own home.

In fact, which of these options you prefer depends on the haircut you want. Some alternatives can be easily obtained with a hair clipper. However, you may need a master barber because some haircuts require different scissors techniques and professional touches.

It may seem quite simple, but hair is one of the most important accessories that affect a man’s appearance. Therefore, if you have decided for a buzz cut, you need to make sure what kind of hairstyle you want. We recommend you do some consideration and research before visit a barbershop.

Namely, it is very critical to answer questions such as how long your hair will be, what kind of cutting you want for the sides and back, which style is suitable for your face shape. Otherwise, the fate of your hair will be in the hands of your barber. Do not leave your job to chance.

Stylish Buzz Cut Alternatives For Men

1. Induction Buzz Cut

The induction buzz cut is the shortest haircut among all family members. It has become so popular because it is used frequently in the military. Hair is cropped with a hair clipper without using a guard. This is a fairly short haircut. But it isn’t zero. Also, the hair length in the whole head is the same.

Man dadhi style

2. Burr Buzz Cut

Burr buzz cut is longer compared to the induction version. This haircut usually applies with a hair clipper set on a #1, #2 or #3 guard. Barbers cut your hair the same length at the top, sides, and back in this hairstyle. If you are a man who is looking for a neat and smooth hairstyle that is not extremely short, a burr is a fit for you.

3. Jarhead Buzz Cut

Jarhead buzz cut is another military hairstyle that is associated with the navy. In this haircut, unlike induction, the hair is zero on the sides, while the top is cut with a number 1 guard. So hair length is not equal in the whole head.

4. Buzz Cut With Skin Fade

In this haircut, a certain amount of hair is left on the top, while the sides are shaved until the skin is clearly visible. Barbers blend your hair and create a smooth transition from bottom to top. This haircut is one of the most popular and modern hairstyles.

5. Buzz Cut With Taper

This haircut is obtained by combining different hair lengths. The hair on the top is longer. The sides are tapered from top to bottom. It is one of the most common haircuts of recent years.

6. Buzz Cut With Lineup

A lineup is often combined with the buzz cut. The lineup means to make the hairlines in the temple area and nape area more clear and sharp. Barbers use a trimmer for this application. In addition, it needs to be maintained every few days or every week.

It is especially suitable for men with bushy hair. the lineup is compatible with thick hair types. This hair cutting technique is often used with black men haircuts alternatives.

7. Crew Cut

The crew cut is a longer buzz cut variety compared to other alternatives. In this haircut, the hair length at the top can be several inches. and can be styled in different ways. It creates using at least a number six guards or clippers. Also, the hair on the fringe is cut longer than the crown area.

Full beard styles

8. High And Tight Buzz Cut

This haircut is similar to undercut. However, since the buzz cut is one of the short haircuts, the hair length at the top of the head is not too much.

You can choose fade or taper cutting technique for the sides. But the high and tight haircuts are styles that the fade goes almost to the temples. Although the hair is short, the hair length difference between the top and the sides creates a contrast. In this way, the hair has a disconnected look.

9. Buzz Cut With Beard

Buzzcut creates a balanced look together with a good beard. When your hair is short, your beards become more remarkable. For this reason, trimming your secrets regularly will keep them organized. When your hair is short, the beard becomes more remarkable. For this reason, trimming your beard regularly will keep them neat.

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