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The quiff is one of the most prevalent and iconic hairstyles since the 1950s. We can say that it is the most requested hairstyle in every barber salon. Official beard styles.

Since quiff is compatible with all ages, face shapes, and hair types, you can choose this style with peace of mind. This hairstyle is suitable for a wide range of professional and casual environments. It is also a remarkable hairstyle. Therefore, the quiff is one of the first choices for many famous men.

According to a study, the quiff is considered one of the sexiest hairstyles by women. We think you now have enough reason to get this hairstyle.

What is the quiff hairstyle?

The quiff is basically a hairstyle that belongs to a class of long top, short sides and back hairstyles. In this hairstyle, although the sides are shorter than the top, different lengths can be preferred. You can cut the sides too short as well as taper them gradually.

A quiff is actually a mixed hairstyle. It was created by the combination of pompadour, flattop, and mohawk hairstyles. It was started to be used as a reaction against monotone and boring short hairstyles of the period after the war.

When it comes to the quiff, a piece of hair on the front of the head is brushed upward and backward from the forehead. For this reason, you must have a fringe which is sufficient length for this style.

Quiff vs Pompadour: What Is The Difference?

First of all, there isn’t a certain and clear difference between quiff and pompadour. But we have some clues to distinguish between the two hairstyles.

Usually, both styles stand out with volume. However, in a pompadour, volume, and hair length often is related to all the hair, while the quiff predominantly focuses on the forelock (fringe).

Besides, the pompadour features a greasy slick finish. Slickness is obtained by some hair styling products.

We can describe a quiff as a tapered cut with plenty of length above the forehead.

Beard shape for oval face

This fringe may be messy, wavy, or spiky. In addition, you can comb your hair in any direction. In short, when it comes to the quiff hairstyle, you have many options while styling your hair.

The Best Quiff Hairstyles Gallery

1. Classic Quiff

A classic quiff is a classy and charming hairstyle. It reflects serious and charismatic energy. Although it is the most primitive version of the hairstyle, today, it is still the most preferred classical quiff variations.

In essence, the classic quiff is one of the long top, short sides, and back hairstyles. But the difference in hair length between the top and the sides is not as sharp as in modern cutting techniques such as undercut or fade. There is a smooth transition.

When describing a classic quiff to your barber, you can say to need at least four inches of hair length for the fringe. Also, the sides and the back should be shortened gradually. However, it should be avoided to look disconnected like fade.

A small amount of matte paste will be enough to style your hair. You can also use a blow dryer to increase the volume of your hair. Meanwhile, you can shape it using a comb or just your hands. Optionally, it is possible to add shine by using a hair product such as pomade.

2. Modern Quiff

Quiff, like other iconic hairstyles, has evolved with changing hair fashion and has become more modern today.

We see that two important features stand out in contemporary quiff variations. The first is a sharp and disconnected transition between the top and sides of the hair. The other is the unique styling options that are used for the fringe.

The modern quiff includes quite cool and eye-catching styles. Also, it is a casual hairstyle. However, due to its modern elements, hair care and management are more difficult than the classic version.

3. Long Quiff

The long quiff features a longer fringe compare with classic options. Hair length at the top of the hair can be more than 5 inches. Due to its exaggerated appearance, it is not suitable for business life and official organizations.

Gents beard style

The long quiff is one of the long hairstyles for men which looks quite magnificent and voluminous. Hair products with a stronger hold, such as wax, are essential to keep the shape of the hair. In addition, maintain and manage this hairstyle is quite hard.

4. Messy Quiff

If we say that messy quiff is the most liked hairstyle for women, we would not be wrong. With its cool, sexy, and careless appearance, this hairstyle can be the strongest arsenal of a man.

This appearance is obtained by cutting the hair on the top of the hair with a scissor in a layered way. It is more suitable for men with thick hair types. In this way, textures appear more prominently.

5. Wavy Quiff

If you have wavy hair, we strongly recommend you to consider the alternatives below. Each of them is stylish and modern.

Although its care is a bit more troublesome than straight hair, its impressive appearance is worth this effort. With a good cut and proper styling applied by a professional barber, you will have a great hairstyle.

6. Rockabilly Quiff

These hairstyles include quiff alternatives identified with rockabilly culture in the 1940s and 1950s. It is an expression of freedom and rebellion.

Rockabilly quiff has a unique look. This style is among the iconic hairstyles that famous men like James Dean, Elvis Presley, and Zayn Malik preferred for a while.

This hairstyle is often confused with a pompadour. Both hairstyles are quite similar. In the Rockabilly quiff, the sides of the hair can be combed or shaved while the front part of the hair is quite long and bulky.

7. Quiff With Fade

Fade is a cutting technique used in combination with different hairstyles. It has lots of different variants. The most common of these are low fade, high fade, skin fade, drop fade, and taper fade.

Chin goatee styles

The sides of the hair are usually shaved with a hair clipper. The barbers use guards which has different numbers for hair clipper from bottom to top. So hair is gradually shortened.

8. Spiky Quiff

In this hairstyle, the hair at the top of the head looks like a spear. To achieve this look, the barbers use a special scissors cutting technique. It is a very stylish and cool hairstyle.

Common among modern haircuts, spiky quiff can be used together with different haircuts such as taper, fade or undercut.

9. Quiff With Beard

By choosing a beard suitable for your face type, you can have a more masculine and bold appearance.

If you are a man who likes to grow a beard, we can say that you are lucky. Because quiff alternatives give great results with a beard. This way you will have a strong style.

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