How to style facial hair. Prepping Your Summer Beard Is Clutch Now That You Can (Safely) Head Back To Bars And Restaurants

Remember that time a few months ago when you’d look in the mirror and see a bushy, straggly beard growing on your face? Man, what a mess it was, right? It was like quarantine turned us all into cavemen who tried to maintain some level of handsomeness for video meetings each week. Beard designs.

Well, now that we’re pretty much done with quarantine (*knocks wood*) and states are starting to peel back restrictions and re-opening bars and restaurants, it’s time to get yourself back to a normal grooming routine — and Braun’s new Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 shavers are the only way to go.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably forgotten what your face actually looks like without a little bit of scruff. Problem is, it’s been hella long since most of us have properly trimmed things up, making for quite the mess of facial hair. It’s time to change that now that you’ll have more chances to (safely) get back into public settings again.

With Braun’snew Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 shavers, you’ll get all the support your face needs — thanks to cutting edge technology and ground-breaking design that’s absolutely unmatched. Braun spent seven years of research, and with the help of 50,000 men across the globe, to develop their new Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 shavers, bringing engineering excellence and a human first design to provide a comfortable shaving experience.

Since we know having a bushy, untamed beard is no way to go back into society following quarantine, take a look below at some of the things that make Braun’snew Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 shavers so different.

The Braun Series 7 360 flex

Combining breakthrough technology with intuitive design, the new Series 7 uses flexibility to enable seamless close contact.

360 Flex System: the revolutionary Series 7 features a fully flexible head that responds to the contours of your face and neck, reaching every hair for a smoother shave using less effort.

Small beard styles

AutoSensing technology: The Series 7 uses Braun AutoSensing technology which automatically adapts to hair density – helping to capture even more hair in each stroke.

The Braun Series 6

The Series 6 flexes to your skincare needs meaning you never have to compromise on performance.

SensoFlex shaving head: The gentle pivoting head and flexible blades of the Series 6 glide effortlessly over the curves of the face reducing pressure on the skin and creating a sensitive yet close and comfortable shave.

Skin Heath Alliance: The Series 6 has been given dermatological accreditation from the Skin Heath Alliance which is an independent organization that verifies the safety of products.

The Braun Series 5

The Series 5 offers an easy and efficient shave that simplifies your everyday shaving routine.

EasyClean System: The Series 5 features a built-in rinsing mechanism allowing water to pass through a small rinsing hole in the shaver head, clearing any shaving debris without the need for a separate cleaning station.

Face shaving style

Thanks to a new slim and ergonomic design, Braun’snew Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 shavers have a redesigned handle that’s easier to maneuver on your face. The handle’s also slimmer to ensure better grip, is weighted to maintain balance, and is fully waterproof, too.

Each one of Braun’s new shavers also has specialized cutting elements: a middle trimmer to capture longer hairs and two ultra-thin SensoFoils for a close and thorough shave. This means the Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 can cut through even the most dense facial hair — so kiss those awkward whiskers of yours goodbye now that you’re back in society, fellas.

Finally, with a new EasyClick system to upgrade each with attachments, Braun’snew Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 shavers can tackle any job, no matter how long or short.

Precision Trimmer: for mustache and sideburns trimming.

Beard Trimmer: for beard styles from 0.5mm to 7mm.

Stubble Beard Trimmer: for a perfect 3-day beard with less mess thanks to the blades capturing the hairs inside the cutting part.

Nice beard shapes

Body Groomer: for head-to-toe grooming.

Cleansing Brush: for deep pore cleansing.

It’s time to ditch the dirty, hairy, mangled hair look that’s suffocated your face for the past few months. It’s time to rid yourself of the itchy, dry skin beneath all those whiskers. It’s time to bring out that handsome face of yours as you socially distance and sip a few cocktails with your buddies. And, thanks to Braun’snew Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 shavers, you can do it swiftly, while leaving a professional look.

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