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If you like to grow your beard long, the Lumberjack beard style is one of the most popular options. Almost anyone can carry this style if you have the panache and the lumberjack lifestyle. However, this one needs time and a lot of tending. Shave style names.

What is Lumberjack Beard

But first, the most prominent question is, what do you understand by lumberjack beard style? As you may have guessed it rightly, the name is derived from the professional lumberjacks.

They wear their beard and mustache in a specific way and are known for their leather booth and plaid flannel outfit. While for them, it is more of a convenience issue, these have also come across as some niche fashion statement.

They represent style, machismo and the rugged casual attitude. This is why you need the right kind of attitude to carry off this beard in proper style.

How to Grow and Style Lumberjack Beard

This is not a beard style that you can hope to grow in a couple of days. You have to let your beard long and thick for weeks and months, and then look at trimming them carefully for best results. You must not trim while it is in the growing stage.

Styling the beard in lumberjack style is a systematic and step by step process.

Remember the trimming will happen only post the preparation period.

Trim carefully across the jawline so that the line separating the beard, mustache, and sideburn is clear.

Don’t trim around the lips and under the cheekbones. The idea is to keep those areas covered.

Carefully shave anything below the neckline to make sure it does not look unkempt.

How to Maintain (trim) Lumberjack Beard

You must comb and oil the lumberjack beard regularly for the best results.

Beard shape up styles

Regular trimming will keep the beard in top shape.

Always comb the beard carefully before trimming to make sure you don’t trim extra.

The Top Lumberjack Beard Styles

Here is a look at some of the top lumberjack beard styles.

1. All White Lumberjack Beard

It is a wonderful option to style the beard for older people. If you have white hair or your beard and hair is turning grey fast, this is a classy and convenient option. The checkered plaid completes the look.

2. Lumberjack Full Beard with Fade

This highlights the rugged masculinity of your personality and brings to light a sense of understated style and class. The lumberjack beard here is a full beard with a natural flow across the jawlines.

3. Lumberjack Beard with Retro Undercut

This is a slick urban adaptation of a classic style. The tattoo and the checkered plaid complete the look and add panache to the overall look. Try this beard style with the undercut hairstyle.

4. Long Lumberjack with Comb-over

In this lumberjack beard style, the full beard is matched well with the comb-over undercut. The slightly overgrown messy ends of the beard compare well with the well combed and properly styled hair.

5. Lumberjack Beard Style with Rounded Ends

This is a beautiful example of a perfectly styled beard that is trimmed to the ‘T’. It is knitted, suave and rugged highlighting absolute masculinity about you.

The buns, the long hair with the pony add to the whole impact of the full lumberjack beard. This is a perfect representation of rugged machismo with subtle soft undertones. Find here some short beard styles for long hair.

7. Ducktail Beard with Slicked Back Look

The beard, in this case, is trimmed carefully into a triangular shape to achieve the ducktail beard. The undercut along with a long beard and expansive tattoo make a cool combination.

Top 5 beard styles

8. Lumberjack with Long Mustache

This lumberjack beard style celebrates the essence of the style in totality. The long mustache connected to the beard gives a casual messy look that helps you make a style statement wherever you go.

9. Lumberjack with A Bandholz Bias

With a slight hint of the Bandholz impact on this lumberjack beard style, it stands out in terms of the cut, creativity and the charisma that it exudes.

10. Hipster Lumberjack

It is an absolutely urbane adaptation of a fairly rustic beard style. Get some inspirations from our post about hipster beard and hairstyle. The hair along the jawline follows the natural flow with slight trimming to manage the messy ends. This gives an overall cool, clean look.

11. Full Beard with Shaven Undercut

The plaid longline flannel enhances the overall impact. The beard here is allowed to overgrow, and the ends are messy and untrimmed bringing forth a rugged machismo to the wearer’s personality.

12. Salt & Pepper Beard

This is the classic lumberjack beard style in a salt and pepper avatar. The slicked back hair at the center, and slightly shaven undercut add to the overall look and getup.

13. Ginger Beard

The ginger beard is getting popularity in recent days. This color adds a brand new dimension to the traditional lumberjack and is ideal for those with lighter and rather pale skin tones.

14. Classic Lumberjack with Shaved Side

The well-shaven undercut along with the medium length lumberjack and the curly hair brings out the hipster element completely. If you want to do some variations – see these hairstyles for men with shaved sides.

15. Full Beard with Handlebar Mustache

The handlebar mustache adds a new dimension to the ginger lumberjack beard and exudes a subtle sense of masculine grace.

FAQs on Lumberjack Beard Styles

Here is a ready reckoner of some interesting facts that you must remember if you are keen on maintaining a lumberjack beard.

Q. How long does it take to grow lumberjack beard?

Types of beards 2016

Ans: Often this depends on the individual’s pace of beard growth. For some, the beard may reach the desired length in weeks, but for others, it may take months.

Q. What should be the length of a lumberjack beard?

Ans: The length is subjective. Depending on your facial structure and preference as well as the pace of hair growth, you can decide the ideal length.

Q. Is it possible to have lumberjack with thin facial hair?

Ans: You can have the lumberjack beard style with thin hair too, but it needs smart trimming and styling.

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The lumberjack beard can give your styling a definitive edge. But remember it needs a lot of patience and care too.
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