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-The random highlight streak on most of the new hairstyles should be optional. I shouldn’t have a random color suddenly appearing on a character’s hair New beard shape.

-Dreadlocks are available for humans but not for trolls that actually use them?

-Still missing a longer hairstyle like other races have

-Elves and Goblins have the option of regulating their ear shape. Trolls have different ear shapes in lore and should have the option for changing them in game as well

-This should be a separated option from the Tusk shape

-Trolls have been represented with beards for a long time in artwork. Several troll characters in-game have sported beards (Rokhan, Sen’jin, Vol’jin, Sul the Sandcrawler). This option should be the first thing available for trolls at this point.

-Missing a black color which is, arguably, the most commonly used color in tattoos around the world

-The blind/greyed out option should be able to be chosen in either eye, independently from which eye color we are choosing

The dreadlocks being given to humans before trolls is truly deserving this meme:

Facial hair beard styles

I fully agree with the list,

-I’d also have damaged ear option. My character isn’t that much for jewelry but he could have samaged earloobe.

-more hairstyles (especially dreadlocks!) trolls and tauren were always behind when it comes to customization so I believe that they deserve extra love to “catch up” with the rest of playable races.

And instead of giving us weird options like jungle flower for troll females and balding braids/ palm tree to give something which would look appealing to a lot of players.

proper goaties for males.

Because right now while some options looks good they’re still somewhat underwhelming when compared to others.

I think this summary shows it the best:

The best way to trim a beard

For females - they just like males really need two more face options. And more hairstyles that would fit them.

More iconic and fitting jewelry. Like for example tiara with serpent, or tiny snake earring. Tiny tiki earrings.

War paint that has single stripe over their eyes (and also black should be an option) or just few dots above the eye. The two facial paint out of 3 look almost identical in looks. And it would be avoided if they had single stribe across eyes and like two dots above eyes, instead of two stripes across the cheeks.

Why not some body pain that is in honor to the Loa? Why not something asymetric with tiger (Shirvallah) motive?

There are so many crazy things they could do with trolls. They almost beg the developers for it.

So I really, REALLY hope it was just first wave and there is more to come. Draenei had 6 hairstyles that were datamined. So I hope there is more for trolls and palm tree isn’t the biggest revelation for males.

Also some hairstyles needs to be revisited, the 2D textures instead of proper 3D model for mohawks looks really dated.

So far females got more impressive choices and I believe it will nicely help them.

Trending beard styles

With right cutomization they can remind water nymph:

More hair styles like shown above from Thioccan. Dreadlocks, a mowhawks with braids, braids, side cuts etc.

Beards like in WC3. Even Rokhan is missing his (goat) beard!

Better tusk (jewelry) options.

Some colored, or wooden ear piercings. Feathers and bones for their hair, ears and jewelry.

Claws like in Shadow of the Horde or WC3 Reforged (yes I went there).
Overall rating page: 4.7 / 5 left 1110 people.

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