Latest men's facial hair styles. 2018 Trend Watch: 4 New Must-Try Beard Styles

We’re thinking a lot about what’s coming in 2018 here at Topman HQ. Jetpacks? Probably not. Rocket boots? Fingers crossed. Global nuclear war? Possibly. New beard trends? Absolutely. As Elon Musk won’t respond to our emails anymore and North Korea’s PR team are understandably busy, we’ve settled on nailing down the beard trends instead, so we’ve got a bit of expert insight from the exceptionally talented team of barbers at Ruffians. They put their heads together to work up a list of the 4 best beard styles in 2018, so if you want to get ahead of the trends you’ve come to the right place:

This is essentially a calmer version of the long beards that ‘made beards famous’ (Chris Millington, Ricki Hall etc). They have been taken up a few inches, so they don’t appear as much of a statement piece – rather, they project a rustic and masculine image, instead of the nomad-wanderer-for-decades-with-no-shaving-kit look. The shape of the beard follows the face’s shape, and the lines on the cheek must be sharp in order to contrast with the full, natural, and unpredictable growth below. The beard is shaped into a square silhouette at the bottom, again to create more angles, and lies up to 2 inches below the chin. Decent beard styles.

First things first – this will only work for those with extensive facial hair growth. This is a style to choose if you already have the longer beard and are looking for a bit of a change. It’s a good way of concealing a smaller chin, a double chin, or elongating a rounder face – but if you have a longer face anyway, choose something a bit shorter so you don’t extend the length even more.

This will take a few months to grow out to its proper length – just make sure that during this time, you don’t remove any weight or hair from the interior of the beard (especially underneath between the chin the neck), as this will eventually be the foundations and support for the full beard. Only trim the lines on the cheeks if they are growing too high up.

Once it’s this length, you’ll need to use a moisturising shampoo/conditioner, or a beard shampoo to help the beard retain its moisture – otherwise it could flake and cause the dreaded beard dandruff. Do this once every few days (you can afford to do this less than with your hair) otherwise the beard will cease to produce its own sebum (natural conditioning oil produced through the skin follicles). Run a beard oil through it with your hands to keep it moist enough, and to give it a delightful heady aroma.

You can also apply a hair paste to the damp beard and dry with a blowdryer on medium power while brushing to relax the hairs. Not only will this make your beard appear longer, but it will also make it easier to shape and style, helping to restructure it if it has developed any kinks/curls.

One of the most popular beard styles going into 2018, this is the ideal option for most people who want a beard but you do have to make an effort maintaining it. On the plus side, It’s a versatile look that can slip itself in with most hairstyles, and can appear smart and rugged at the same time – so people working in more formal environments can pull this off. The shape follows the face’s angles, and the beard is kept close to the cheeks, with the hair around 1cm long. As the beard approaches the chin, it is left slightly longer, in order to elongate the face slightly, giving it a better, more masculine shape.

This will only suit if you are confident you have enough facial hair growth. You need to be able to grow a full face of hair for this, as you want to avoid any patches and uneven lines. In terms of face shape, there are certain tricks you can use to make this look work for you (see ‘Beard Contouring’ below), but generally, this style is an easily achievable and adaptable look that we will be seeing plenty of in 2018.

Types of beard for men

The actual growth of this beard shouldn’t take too long (about 1 month). You’ll need fortnightly maintenance on it, either with your barber or with a set of decent trimmers and you’ll also need to keep your skin in good nick. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturise around the beard, and that you use a beard oil to keep the hairs hydrated. For extra definition above the cheeks, use a set of detailers to get a nice sharp line.

Ruffians Daily Facial Scrub

Ruffians Daily Facial Moisturiser

Ruffians Argan Beard Oil

An option for those of us who can’t properly grow a beard. There are actually a couple of tips here which can make your stubble more of a feature than just an ‘I haven’t shaved for a week’ look. Allow your hair to grow up until it gets itchy, and note where your hair growth begins, ends, is patchy or uneven. Use the lines created by your bone structure to help guide where you want to keep the stubble, and wet shave everything else.

This is a good opportunity for people with less facial hair growth to do something which isn’t just a clean shaven look. It will work particularly well if you’ve got high cheekbones and a pronounced jawline, but can also suit a fuller face and stop it from looking so round as shadow and definition are created by the lines you’ll be shaving in. Additionally, this won’t dictate your hairstyle as much as having an actual beard would.

Beard styles for boys

You need to make sure your skin is in good condition for this, so it’s important to exfoliate and moisturise. If you like to wet shave, use a good quality safety razor for the cheeklines – if not, then detailers should be fine. When shaving down the stubble to the desired length, use a set of beard trimmers (probably about 3mm-5mm) and make sure to sanitise the guards and the actual razor head after using, otherwise it could pick up bacteria and cause irritation/infection.

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Ruffians Daily Facial Moisturiser

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If you have a longer beard, something that you can do to spice up the look is emphasise the moustache. We’ve been seeing a lot of this, perhaps because of the ‘beardstache’ trend which never entirely took off. However, leaving the hair to grow more pronounced on the upper lip is something that provides contrast, shape and a new grooming ritual, something that has popularised beard growth in the first place.

If you’ve got the beard, patience and style for this look, it can suit most face shapes. It’s a development from the George V look, so is probably going to work better with your look if you tend to dress yourself quite smartly rather than streetwear and trainers…

Beard latest styles 2016

You will need to have grown out the moustache for some time – roughly 6-8 months – for this to properly take off. The best way to grow it is simply leaving it! Never trim above the lip but just train the hairs out to either side of the filtrum. Use a moustache comb to straighten it out, and apply a wax to keep it in shape and glossy. Visit your barber for encouragement, as it can get quite annoying and get in the way of eating, drinking etc.
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