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Shave, trim, buzz, clip or don’t care, I think those are the answers we guys usually tell folks who ask about our facial hair. Most of us don’t have time to go and get cleaned up and/or keep up a grade A- 5 star-Lumber Jack look that seems to be in right now. Clothes, shoes, colors; we switch all these up with seasons, so why not switch up your facial hair look, too? Mens facial styles.

Just like the women change their hair colors and styles, men should have the right to express themselves the same way. We aren’t trying to tell you what’s right or what’s wrong, just some simple, helpful tips for Grooming this Fall! Your face is worth it.

Coming from a guy who can grow a pretty intense mustache and beard in the snap of a finger, I understand how annoying it can be to have to clean up your facial hair every morning, so today I am here to give you Binge Magazine’s facial hair styles for Men this fall 2014.

Here is a quick way to warm up before we get started here. If you answer YES 4 out of the 10 questions below than its time to try something new before the leaves start to change colors.

I pay more attention to my fashion than I do to my facial hair?

Strangers automatically assume I am a hipster?

Men's beard and hair styles

I am single? (Meaning you are not in a relationship or married)

I play professional baseball and the whole team is growing out their facial hair for the playoffs?

I like to think I am the best looking guy every time I go out?

This either needs to go away for a while or take a rest.

I understand it looks so different than most styles but it really doesn’t work when it starts to get out of hand. Lets put it this way, if the beard starts to touch your desk at work or even other people by accident then its time to trim that sucker.

Different men's facial hair styles

Now, we aren’t telling you to get rid of it forever but maybe for the fall since it isn’t going to be as cold as winter, why not say goodbye for a while and let it grow a fresh coat. If you can pull it off in the winter, more power to you, but when the fuzz from your fall sweater starts piling up on your face…it’s time for a nice trim.

Mustaches can be tricky. It sort of falls under the same labor that may go in with the beard but certainly serves a different purpose and can make you look a lot different when that is the only hair you are showcasing on the face.

You certainly do not want to accidentally let the soul patch come in and then you start looking like Hilter. Please keep up with that so that does not happen. Mustaches can really be classy and seems to have faded out since the Beard took over 2014. (My father has been rocking a mustache for over 30 years and not sure if I would recognize him without it-its like it has taken over his anatomy.) The mustache should come with wisdom and maturity, so if it looks like it’s taken you a full year to grow it, chances are it’s time for a shave.

If you want to rock the mustache look try the light shadow look but do not let it get out of hand and get too thick. Please do not do any small styles that will cause us to think you allowed someone to use a permeant marker along your lips.

If it curls up on the side…get lost. I’m then going to say you are just looking for attention.

Good looking beard styles

This is our favorite. It is almost a mixture of the waking up and not having a clue what day it is or just playing off the fact you were too cool to shave today even though you causally shave every 3 days or so. This one really isn’t too hard to pull off and is why we tell everyone this one is your best bet to go with if you are looking to show some facial hair, as well as age/maturity.

Don’t let this be a reason to get lazy though my friends. Make sure you still maintain the scruff so you don’t end up getting sent home from work because you look like you just woke up.

I have so much respect for the men who shave daily and must always be clean cut. Like many men out there, we have to worry about skin irritations and cuts and sometimes we just don’t want to look like a baby. The women may like it but again some may like the beard… I’m not here to tell you what women want because I have no idea either but I can tell you that a clean cut man always looks good.

Miami Couples Style

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