Mustache and goatee styles

Goatee Styles Guide: Choosing the Best Goat for Your Grill, GentlemanHQ

Ah, the goatee —the easiest facial hair style to screw up. If you do a beard wrong, it can make you look creepy. If you do your hair wrong, you can look totally unkempt. But a goatee can be much, much worse. If you choose the wrong goatee style, you can end up looking like a suburban soccer dad. You know the guy I’m talking about: the goatee-clad dad with an oversized t-shirt tucked into his shorts, knee-high white socks sprouting out of an overused pair of New Balance sneakers, and his cell phone clipped on the outside of his belt. A bad goatee can make you look like that guy. We don’t want that. Really, there was a time when I thought goatees just always looked bad. But after seen a few...

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