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15 Best Goatee Styles for Men You Should Try At Least Once 2018

The goatee. You know, that not-quite-a-beard, not-quite-a-mustache style of facial hair that has seen a resurgence in the past several years (and moved beyond its beatnik and counter-cultural reputation of yesteryear). As we have with beards and mustaches, we now present you with a list of goatee styles and an easy-to-reference goatee styles chart. Defining what actually constitutes a goatee has been open for debate throughout history. Generally speaking, it combines elements of both a mustache and a beard while leaving the cheeks clean-shaven. It’s also generally accepted that a goatee’s name is derived from the long fur that’s found under the chin of a goat. The half-man, half-goat Greek...

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