Beard styles for light hair

50 Disarming Sexy Beard Styles - Your Spark Of Inspiration

# 2 Shapely Full Beard# 3 Desirable DeppHere Johnny Depp sports a short moustache that just curves in on the edges of the lips, together with a small soul patch underneath. He’s wearing a short beard just under the chin where we can see a few sexy silver hairs.# 4 The Gentleman# 5 Walk The LineHere the beard has been shaved along a line stretching from the corners of the lips up to the edge of the jaw. The beard continues into a moustache which is the same length as the rest of the beard, neatly clipped.# 6 Oh So Manly# 7 Dashing StyleThis gentleman looks so stylish and trendy with his suit and sunglasses and his look is completed perfectly by his sexy beard. The beard follows his jaw line...

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