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Top 10 Full Beard Styles with Names (updated)

Top 10 Full Beard Styles with Names (updated) Benefits of Full Beard Styles: 1. Give yourself a few weeks of grow time – this mac daddy beard style is worth the wait. 2. Growing a Full Beard is no reason to look like a hobo. Maintain your neck hair, and stray cheek hairs, with regular shaves using your rotary shaver in a gentle, circular motion. Tip: Don’t shave too close or the difference between your neck hair and the foliage slowly growing over you face will look strangely out-of-sync. 3. After several weeks of growth your beard is probably looking pretty unkempt. Use your beard trimmer with a comb or zoom wheel at the 3rd or 4th level to even out the length and get rid of any stragglers...

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