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45 Ultimate Long Beard Styles - Be Rough With It (2019)

# 6 Manly Beard Jason Momoa, who you’ll recognise as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, wears a bushy beard and full moustache in this picture. The hair is tapered towards the front creating a triangle shape and he’s totally rocking the salt and pepper look! # 7 Long and Full No longer just for mountain men, the long, full beard is right on trend in 2016. This beard completely conceals his jawline and chin and has been clipped to have a shape while still looking natural. He’s paired it with a long handlebar moustache, which has been twisted at the ends. # 8 Distinguished Look In this full moustache and beard look, the hair along the moustache has been trimmed short so as to just hug the lip....

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