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Taper Vs Fade Haircut, Choose The Best Hairstyle For You

Taper and Fade are two modern haircut styles highly sought after by men who seeking a stylish and confident look. Although the structure of the haircut is very similar in these two styles, but there are still some differences that is worth noting. We bring out these differences and discuss in detail Taper Vs Fade Haircut. The Difference between Taper and Fade Haircut Taper Vs Fade: The Fade haircut is a bolder hairstyle than Taper. In the Taper style, the hair are longer on top, and then gradually getting shorter to the sides and back, until it gets very short at the end without any other change. The taper hair at the top is about 2-4 inches in length. In Fade style, there is longer hair on...

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